First LOVE Yourself (F.L.Y)
– One Small Step for mankind

Or should it say WOMENKIND?

First love yourself is self love and without it we would all perish.

Considerations of unworthiness are fueled by self-judgment, guilt and undesired thoughts. The result is disharmony with your mind, body and soul. To not love yourself is an unnatural act. It’s against who you really are.

Any kind of self actualization isn’t possible without first love. Healthy self love is witnessed and enjoyed by friends, lovers and children. Your connection to first love yourself affects every aspect of society and the world at large. If ever there was a step in taking mankind forward it would be… First Love Yourself (F.L.Y.)

The passing of the baton of one person’s self deprecation or discomfort to another is as old as the discovery of fire. Flipping patterns may initially feel “odd” compared to habits of berating yourself but you literally change the world by loving yourself. It is “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Such self depreciating thoughts can raise some interesting questions;

  • How do I love myself?
  • What does First Love Yourself or
  • F.L.Y. mean?
  • Isn’t loving yourself selfish?
  • Why is self love so hard?

1. How can you think of yourself that way?

This was the Dalai Lama’s response when asked “What do you think of self-hatred?”  According to some sources, the Dalai Lama questioned his translators because he wasn’t sure he’d understood the question and the translation from English. Speaking to his guest for the first time, he said, “I don’t understand… How can you think of yourself in that way?

This true story shares a remarkable point in that we don’t have to think of ourselves in that way. It is indeed possible to first love yourself. It is in fact remarkable that you are who you are and loving your mind, body and soul are keys to making this turnaround.

It is exceptional to become aware, from the perspective of Source, that worthiness isn’t even a concept in the spiritual realm. It doesn’t make sense. It’s only here that such concepts of separation exist. Questioning the habit that you have to think of yourself in any way than loving yourself is step one.

2. Awakening the inner soul

Within you is another kind of spiritual body that contains your soul. This is the real you. This part of you wanted to exist in a human body for the fun and joy of it. Yes, this does include some, or great portions of the opposite, but maybe not to the extent of becoming lost.

When you awaken to the gratitude of your Higher Self, it’s impossible not to be lovingly compassionate.  Dare I say it? Loving. This very much includes a deep and profound appreciation for the things, experiences, or hardships that you, in this body, have created.

Getting in touch with your soul will relieve you of burdens and even the harsh teachings of others to open you up to real self love. It’s a magical thought to put yourself first with robust love in all kinds of ways. Perhaps ways you’ve never considered or allowed it before. Regardless of your past take a deep breath and awaken your inner soul.

3. All suffering, self loathing comes from a sense of separation

Life isn’t meant to be an endless drudge of suffering. Self love is the cure to seeing things as they are. It emancipates you to appreciate all that your soul has created. This means everything. Self love is true freedom.

Your identity in your name, body, fingerprints are all unique. But don’t confuse your identity as being something that is separate from your Higher Self or all others. You are a part of the whole. When you suffer, we suffer.

The opposite is true when you love yourself. When you love yourself, we all rejoice. First love yourself to create a huge wave that affects others in a most positive way. One that everyone wants to play and jump in.

Loving yourself is like laughter in that it’s contagious. Everybody is invited to join in. Playing in the waves of love creates endless opportunities. Working and playing together in love creates a true sense of community instead of feeling alone or separate.

4. Leaving the past behind

Some of the toughest pieces of self love and love yourself first is in forgiveness. Forgiveness is the same as letting go. You may process your unhappiness in pointing or thinking that others have harmed or hurt you and at one point you’ll want to let it go. Not letting go is holding on to the suffering and it also prevents you from being present to open up to love within yourself or with others.

Putting the past behind isn’t forgetting. Don’t be confused that you have to forget as much as break from your attachments. This is so that the past doesn’t repeat itself. As you love yourself, you break any undesired cycles and free yourself to love and connect. Proceeding without judgement of what once was is how you break out of the dread of suffering.

5. What you do to others is a byproduct of what you do to yourself

Tenderness, love and compassion is the same as brushing your teeth, combing your hair and putting on make-up, if that’s applicable. Appreciating yourself in everything you do is not done just to get up and ready for the day. There’s an intent to love yourself. Consider loving yourself an act of continuous gratitude.

In times of sickness when you possibly feel separate or even ungrateful use these moments to further develop a deep and meaningful relationship with yourself. Gratitude is an act of love and especially self love as you apply it.

Being grateful for your skin, hair, arms and legs normally are things you might take for granted. Focusing your attention in honor of yourself is truly a gift. And like romantic love, it’s all about the details. Spending time with yourself will change your life.

All over the world, really successful people share this common attribute. They love themselves. Taking time to pray, meditate or journal is just as important and exercise and eating healthily. Anne Frank once said, “Our lives are fashioned by our choices. First we make our choices. Then our choices make us.

6. Getting yourself straight means no longer living in dens of separation

This means removing yourself from huddling around with others who aren’t loving themselves. It does not mean that anyone who’s not loving themselves has the plague. There is liberty in your no longer participating in conversations, thoughts or actions that encourage a lack of love.

In fact, honoring the Divine within answers the question of how to love yourself. Higher love is found in communing with others who genuinely appreciate the nature of self love and share it because of its abundance. Sharing your love with others isn’t compulsory but it sure feels good when you to do it. Then, self love grows like a seed into a love for others, nature, the Universe and so much more.

7. F.L.Y. into the future

F.L.Y. is to fly. To be free. When engaging in self love becomes as common as brushing your teeth then you’ve accomplished something worthy of a lifetime. This isn’t an exaggeration.

In having such a wealth of love for yourself it connects you to others in ways unimaginable. What if first love yourself was the secret to your self growth and development? There are endless means in which you should love yourself. Not that anyone is required to love themselves but it does put you right in the middle of the flow.

Instead of waiting for love, from someone who may be empty of love, put yourself first and see your future filled with true love, joy and happiness. Thinking of yourself as love, which you are by your very creation enables you to fly freely. To truly fly. Choosing to love yourself is one small step but one large step for mankind.



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