Forget Everything You Know


Spiritual resources are at your disposal if you’re ready to forget everything you know.

It’s easy to hear but maybe not so easy to apply. For you see, everything you think you know, you have learned from someone else. This isn’t bad -it’s just slow and very limiting. You might already be in resistance, and question; how would you ever learn anything if it wasn’t from someone else?

This is precisely the reason that you may want to forget everything you know. Every Master knows this. Fewer are the students, who are willing to step away from what they think they know in being guided to true knowledge. For most people, it’s an odd concept to go within instead of being taught.

A True Story

As an example, let me share with you this true story. On the first day of hypnotherapy class, my wife keenly noticed that the petite woman teaching looked unusually absorbed when interacting with her students. The teacher appeared to be staring instead of just listening to her students talk. After class, and after all the other classmates had left, my wife inquired of her teacher.

 “Why do you look at us the way you do when we’re talking?”

 The forty-something teacher laughed softly while breaking eye contact and looked down as if she was about to reveal a secret. “I’m deaf,” she replied. The teacher continued sharing that this personal information sometimes changed the way people interrelated with her. She continued, “As a child, my parents insisted that I go to a normal school instead of any of the special schools.”

 “How could you hear your teachers, when they faced the blackboard, as they taught?” my wife asked.

 “I couldn’t hear them,” the hypnotherapy teacher immediately said, “so I had to ask for further help.”

 “What do you mean?”

 Without a moment’s hesitation, the teacher said, “I asked my Angels to tell me what they were saying.”

 Go Out on a Limb

 Regardless, whether you believe in Angels, Guides or Spiritual Beings, there are Spiritual resources at your disposal should you desire. And, if you’re ready to go way out on a limb, forget everything you know. Like I said in the beginning, this sounds easy but it can be challenging if you’re inclined to attach to what you think you know. After all, how can anyone aspire to a greater understanding, if not true knowledge, if they don’t put away all their preconceived notions?