Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is a choice. There, that was easy. Now what?

If it were that easy, why aren’t you choosing to be happy? Now, there’s a question.

How to be Jolly

1. Be true to yourself. This means no lying within. Everything you do should be because you want to do it. (Can you see how this directly impacts your happiness?)

2. What if there are things you don’t want to do? Be present and put your entire energy into the moment.

3. Take charge. As you make a decision jump into your choice entirely. No waffling.

4. Be consistent. Let your life be fun, easy and smooth by always being you.

5. Stop the resistance. If don’t want too then say so and go forward accordingly. If you do, then do it!

6. Stop explaining. There’s no need to explain you being you ? Is there? (Maybe you’re laughing already)

7. Be accountable. Regardless, of the choices you’ve made –be happy. (Hint: Being Jolly is in the choices.)

8. You are only responsible for your own happiness. Simple and true. Stop trying to make others happy.

9. Being Jolly is contagious. Go to any restaurant; smile, laugh and enjoy being in the moment and you’ll instantly attract friends. Warning: Don’t act happy, just be happy.

10. Being Jolly is more than a word or a name. It’s a feeling. Let yourself feel it. (Hint: Let go of any feelings that compete with your being happy.)

Happiness is a by-product of you being you. The real you is happy and was born happy. Let it out. Let your smile, heart and love be seen everywhere. Do it consciously. There, that was easy.