I Will Create Out Of My Dream A World

Embrace your dreams.

Your ability to create is unlimited in your choice to dream.  Your gift to dream is not limited to nocturnal activity that isn’t remembered the following day. Your genius to create from dreams is Divine.  Your choice to embrace your dreams as reality gives birth to a New World.

We are surrounded by phrases or affirmations of encouragement to remember our connection to the highest source through conscious intention or the dream state.  “What you think so shall you become ‘”Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, there is life and joy.”

Dreaming is Human

All of humanity has brought access to their Divine connection through dreams.  Allowing yourself to dream is considered by some to be an extravagant waste of time while for others it is considered an obsession.  Undisputed, even through physical explanation, dreaming is an integral part of who we are.  Recognizing and empowering these inherent gifts provides every being a direct path of their own creation.

The Shell or Ego can not perceive being accountable for what you have created but nonetheless it is true.  On every level there are parts of you that are creating and thus you are responsible for everything that surrounds you.  This doesn’t need to be interpreted by the ego’s need for judgment but rather the illumination that your ability to create is another reminder of your Divine status. Recognizing what you have constructed is wonderful but more important is your ability to dream in the current moment.

While the Shell’s hope is to constrain in dominion of what has been created of your past there is no actual correlation of your past to your the future. (Unless you have created it to be so.)  Dreaming is a free state of mental imagery that defies the confines of the Shell.

This is why so many of your dreams seem out-of-context with the illusionary limitations of this earth plane.  Elements such as time that are perceived real in this world are removed and dreams and their messages appear juxtaposed.  Entitle yourself to remain open as a significant key in creating awareness and conceiving.

Unfortunately, there are many who have determined that their dreams are not to be remembered. This obvious conflict of wanting to remember your dreams but not wanting to perceive them creates a block or white-out of recollection. Unblocking yourself consciously to recall your dreams is exceedingly impactful.  Waking up to dreams doesn’t have to be considered hard.  As previously suggested, the choice to initiate an open state is huge step in becoming aware.

What constitutes dreaming? Just your intent. Dreams do not need to be limited to your sleep nor do they need interpreting.  Dreams are connections to a whole world.  Just as the word whole means this dream world is undivided.  Therefore, this dimension and world doesn’t have to fit neatly into the confines of the intellectual mind.  Consequently, dreams won’t ever make perfect sense to the ever-questioning demands and limitations of the Shell.

Allowing yourself dream activity is strongly encouraged.  Choosing to receive information in the dream state provides you with awareness that is otherwise blocked by limited paradigms of the Shell.  Ideas, inventions, processes, discoveries of all kinds are often explored or brought to awareness through dreaming. Your participation in expanding your connection to the Universe in this way is as easy as a choice.  Dreams also bring forth certain clarity to otherwise hidden or blocked feelings that you are trying to understand.  Some use dreams to make decisions or workout their problems.  Thus, the term “let me sleep on it.”

Your possibilities

Using your dreams to manifest anything is probably one of the most underutilized attributes of your physical existence.  Many have experienced disappointment when dreams do not manifest and through the acclaimed power of the Shell dreams are then curtailed.  Beautifully, the feelings associated with past experiences are not binding. When you again embrace your divine choice to dream the possibilities for creation are endless.  Removing the Shell’s need to attach perceptions of outcome while remaining wide open is also infinitely encouraged.

In allowing yourself to dream you reestablish a connection to the flow of all that is.  Simply stated, you become a part of a channel or conduit of all that has been both in past, present, and future.  This too is why time is difficult to discern, as most dreams do not honor this perceived limitation as real. In expanding yourself into the truth that you can tap into the collective unity of all is extremely powerful.  Consider using your innate gift of dreaming to tap into the Source.  For example, through an open state of daydreaming you may find those dormant gifts within you suddenly appear in an overwhelming sensation, visualization, understanding or creation.

Let it out.  Dreams do not need to be labeled and constrained as child like fantasies. Your ability to dispose of judgment of this kind directly contributes to your success of creating and manifesting. Giving yourself permission to enter this illogical state is fun and very often liberating.  Being open to the potential of your power of dreaming is vastly underutilized.  Consciously create your dreams.  And inversely, allow yourself to receive Divine communication through your dreams.  Tap into the unity of other creators through your dreams and enjoy engaging beyond the perceived limitations of this linear dimension.