You are not a copy or a clone.

Today, just like every morning, the first thing I do is take a peek. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I walk into the bathroom… flip the light on and the mirrors come alive. Leaning forward, I investigate a close-up view of my face. Honestly, I guess I’m looking for imperfections.

I don’t know why, but I feel a little exposed writing this

Well, that’s not the first thing I do; the first thing I do in the morning is write in my journal. Normally, without leaving the bed, I reach for a pad of paper and begin writing. No, I’m not writing goals or a list like I used to do- that stuff comes later in the day. Instead, my hand writes in relaxed cursive with my favorite Pilot pen. I compose without much thought. My text could be described as mindless writing but there is another name for it: automatic writing.

That term pretty much explains what happens when I write. I put my pen to the paper and suddenly it takes off, writing things automatically from Source. Lots of times I interact and ask questions to clarify what is being shared. Today isn’t one of those days, so I find myself observing the dialogue. It’s quite a topic:

“Unique and beautiful- you are one of a kind. You are not a copy or a clone. You are significant in your creation. It would seem easier for nature to create duplicates, but instead you are distinct…”

As I’m writing this I wonder- which is the real mirror- the one in the bathroom or one that’s much less physical? I know the answer, but I had to ask it anyway. So why am I still looking for imperfections in the bathroom mirror? The answer makes me uncomfortable- especially having just channeled something so extraordinary.

My mind still questions: “Is this message for me? Is it an article meant for others?” And now, Their voice vibrates through me to communicate in much the same way that the pen was scribbling across the page. The voice of Source within says, “It is for you…” I love the truth and I know that this message applies to me in a deep and personal way. And yet, like so many times before, I know I will also share it with you.


The question is silly. There is no explanation. It’s my natural choice; mine to make for me. It’s my choice to express who I am in this way. If you don’t quite understand, you will after reading the entire channeled piece that I have included below. I hope you enjoy it.

My Channeled words

Unique and beautiful -you are one of a kind. You are not a copy or a clone. You are significant in your creation. It would seem easier for nature to create duplicates, but instead, you are distinct. Even as a species, your soul is the only one that is empowered.

Every animal has a brain, but yours is individually amazing because you have an extra gift: the ability to choose. As homo sapiens, your natural ability to choose sets you apart. Even more exceptional is each individual’s right to choose. These personal choices provide the opportunity for every person to become unique unto himself or herself. Yet, there is a strong possibility that you are pretending or even lying about who you are.

Many people masquerade themselves. They try so hard to be like another person. Because of this emotional costume, their personality seems to change frequently; like a schizophrenic with no singular identity. The truth becomes more confusing when everyone around them also participates in this same act of unconsciousness. Imagine everyone changing skin color like a chameleon in an effort to fit in. These people never discover who they really are.

We go to the mirror continually hoping to be and to look like someone else. We try so hard not to be who we really are. It must be interesting to witness this behavior from the perspective of anyone outside of our globe. Even the animal world must be confused as it observes us continually negotiating within ourselves and pretending to be anyone else- except who we are. You never see a horse, cow or cat question who they are.

When you avoid being yourself, you loose your sense of self-awareness. The mirror seems only to reflect past traditions and the physical appearance of those who gave birth to you -with no ability to see who you really are. Oftentimes you may feel lost. In this pattern, generations can be seen aimlessly wandering.

In this choice of feeling lost, we gather blindly together in groups wondering what to do. We loose connection to our inner selves, like a lost herd of cattle, lacking our fundamental instincts. Therefore, we exhaust our energy and resources just trying to get by. Survival becomes the daily concern. Naturally, people who do this frequently find themselves in poverty and they feel anger over what the wealthy have and what they don’t. This way of life has not led them to become empowered.

Not many are able to properly reflect, “I am that I am.” The simplicity of the statement has to be obvious to anyone outside our world. Seeing us struggle and then finally accept ourselves for who we are must seem both hilarious and beautiful. It is so attractive to see someone comfortable with who they really are that we consider them famous.

Imagine the rest of all existence observing the endless procession of humans who pretend not to know who they are. It must seem oddly funny. Yet only in humans are we so insistent that we are absent an identity. We persist in searching to “find ourselves” never realizing that other Beings may find our plight funny, when in fact we are quite sincere.

Nonetheless, this has been the cyclic practice of humans since the beginning. So few of us have risen to be comfortable with our true selves. The never-ending question of “how do I become myself” is asked a million times a day with only a small minority finding the answer.

You are the only one that has your specific combination of distinguishing characteristics that make you unique. This is evident in your eyes, hands, DNA and thoughts. The characteristic that most notably defines you as human is your ability to make decisions. This strongly suggests that you are not an imitation of another person- you are the only one. You are not separate but preciously aware and empowered.

There are some people that are aware that they are “I am that I am.” They do not lead others through control or separation. These leaders do not encourage propaganda to take advantage of doubt, insecurity or fear. Instead you’ll notice that they invite others to feel love, remembrance and to engage with personal empowerment.

Right now you host the ability to step into understanding that you are the only one. Your significance is much greater than any or all of your individual physical attributes. Your energetic signature is akin to your DNA but it is everlasting. This essence is that of the creator.

Everything you choose is an act of creation. Every thought you have is like the sound of music coming from your instrument. By being “in-tune” and honoring that you are the only one who can contribute what you have to share, you offer a special beauty to the orchestra of life. Without you, we, the community, are one person short.

Because you are the only one, personally act now in unprecedented expression.

Engage right now in this moment. Use your most powerful personal attribute to choose this second. Be seen in your outstanding abilities. Release distractions of separation and realize your power to create happiness, wealth, and love in your being you.