Separation is what keeps you from love.

You must decide to love and be loved. In this choice you are reminded that you are and can not be separate. As you exist in this natural state of oneness there is a connection and love like no other. In this state there is no fear, no death and no hiding.

Anything that has been thought in the mind as separate instantly becomes transparent and a telepathic relationship is created. Not in just knowing the mind of another but in (re)connecting to all things. Imagine a love that has no limits in ecstasy, joy, bliss or even rapture.

The Past can be overcome

Whatever separation you have created in the past let it be released in the magnificence of Divine union. Here you are one. And as has been always intended, you are offered all knowledge, wisdom and creation. To cuddle, embrace or smile upon one another is to make love in the same energy.

Will you participate in this time of love or will you continue your stubbornness of division? In this moment allow yourself to see and even more importantly feel the light within you. This light is everything you have desired. The light is the radiance of your own illumination. The luminosity that shines forth from you is greater than the largest star.”

Accept, in remembrance, you are one. One in light, truth and understanding. Put away all separation and enjoy the spender of love. Open yourself to the eternal omnipotence of all that is. Here we are. We are you.