Celebrating Mother’s Day is wonderfully appropriate.

You know the kind of Mother who not only released an egg but who also is seen as a true Mother. There’s a depth of love for Mothers who are Mothers not because of the biological act but because of the unconditional love that’s pure.

Almost all Mothers protect their offspring. In the beginning this choice is acknowledged but eventually this trait must die. For a Mother to be a Mother she has to let go of all protection in unconditional love that her child is whole and complete. Actually, this is one of the supreme gifts any Mother can offer.

Letting Go is Hard

The act of letting your baby go is one of the hardest choices any Mother makes. Combine the extreme sensitivity of being feminine with symbiotic feelings created during pregnancy and it can feel hard to detach. However, the purest love is not in the holding on but letting go.

After the prenatal vitamins, pregnancy, scrapes and advice Mothers who are Mother’s must surrender. This isn’t abandonment as it is the truest act of love. It’s a feat that leads to the highest connection.

Honoring Mothers who are Mother’s that yield completely are the ones who get life long invitations to their children’s lives. Not because they are Mothers but because they are Mothers who are Mothers.