When you stare into the soul of another what do you see?

When you stare into the soul of another what do you see? The dancing Light is always seen deeply within. You will notice the Light by the depth of the eyes. And when there is touch there is immediate confirmation of what you are feeling. The body can not contain the Light within and therefore the energy leaps forth and creates an immediate remembrance. Immense feelings emerge that are unexplainable. A spiritual recognition is in process. And your mind might ask, “Do I know you?”

This initial knowingness is usually questioned as the shell always uses linear processing trying to answer the question “where was this connection established?” After analyzing millions of earthly experiences searching for an answer in rational terms the human brain begins to conclude that there is no physical explanation. This curious recognition is familiar but how?

Awareness of each other

Many of us have created agreements to meet on the earthly plane to reflect opportunities of awareness to another that we have previously known or worked with. Some have determined that these acquaintances come from our past lives but this is not exclusively true. These exchanges of the soul are opportunities and reflections of remembrance for growth. In many of these exchanges there are feelings of a soul connection that continue to transcend the logical or rational. Sometimes intimate partners are born from this kind of connection and a joint path is created for a time or even a lifetime as a continual means of representing the Light. Exchanges of the soul are exceedingly precious and timeless in nature.

Exchanges of the soul begin with your awareness. It’s amazing how many people you have contact with every day that you don’t see. In our hurried cultures there are many opportunities but people often avoid eye contact unless it becomes absolutely necessary. And if this habit is carried into your personal home eye contact with those intimately around you is also infrequent. Why don’t we look into each other’s eyes?

Look Into My Eyes

In the past maybe you have associated direct eye contact with intimidation or correction.

Children learn early the “eyes of wrath” from parents who give them “the look” in replacement for what even earlier might have been equivalent associations of physical or verbal discipline. As time progresses in this choice, the ever-beautiful eyes of the soul are positioned downward so as not create contact. Naturally, this hinders the ability to see and perceive the beautiful exchanges of the soul all around you.

These conditioned habits can be seen everywhere. Doctors who enter the room reading medical records instead of looking at a patient’s eyes. People passing each other in a subway, sidewalk, or café exchanging minimal eye contact. Parents staring into their children’s eyes only while disciplining them. Waitresses taking food orders that don’t look at you. Even a lovely couple sitting across from one another at an intimate restaurant appear not to be seeing the eyes of their partner. And finally, these experiences seem to be championed in the close confines of an elevator where everyone looks anywhere except at the person standing right next to them.

Sometimes a soul exchange just seems to happen and lots of times in these unexpected moments there are the greatest connections. For example, have you ever experienced the eyes of someone looking at you that seemed to bore right through you? And when you exchange looks with this person that there is something that is all too familiar? This chemistry, as it sometimes is referred to in loving encounters, is just another clue to your creating reflection with another being of the Light. Being aware of these exchanges doesn’t need to be interpretation by the shell or ego. Allow yourself to feel the depth of the exchange and the meaning of what is being shared will become spiritually evident in your choice to create this space of non judgment.

Purposely creating moments for soul exchanges can be even more exciting. In exercises created in our workshops and retreats some of the greatest feedback has come when one soul meets another through purposeful eye contact surrounded with unconditional love. In this space of creating a soul exchange beautiful reflections can been seen of the inner self that are otherwise not seen. It is also possible to see the outer shell or draperies that sometimes cloak the eyes to the soul. For some, allowing someone to see these facades of our creation is perceived as scary and thus illusionary guards are created to avoid being seen.

Giving yourself permission to look into the spiritual mirror of another gazing intently at you is a bountiful gift that you create in this intercourse. While some may think that the reflection of a physical mirror is a challenging task the intensity of a soul exchange is far more insightful. Extending yourself permission to be seen wide open in this way provides you with infinite spiritual depths of awareness. Removing perceptions of fear or anxiety about being noticed and seen is the key in coming to this kind of union.

Exchanges of Unity

When was the last time that you looked at yourself through loving eyes reflecting a soul exchange? There are some that may have never allowed this kind of reflection only to avoid it at all costs as if there might be some liability attached with the choice. Or you may have only created the sporadic or random moment when there seems to be no space or opportunity to pursue the reflection. Even if these have been your historical choices, the excellence in your creating soul exchanges can not be encouraged enough.

Exchanges of the soul are continuing at an increasingly rapid pace. In your awareness and permission you will find that exchanges of the soul with others will happen in greater frequency. It’s important to note that you don’t need to control these exchanges, as truly they do not represent any kind of threat, but allow them to show you greater clarity in your spiritual awareness. Bumping into a past life friend, lover, or even enemy isn’t as strange as it sounds. And it isn’t unusual for you to create awareness through these exchanges of the soul with others who you didn’t share an earthly experience. Allowing yourself to be reminded of the unity of your creation through these moments is Divine in your continued awakening.