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Unnoticed Spiritual Energy

How aware are you of the spiritual energy around you?  What kinds of things do you feel in certain spiritually rich areas such as Vortexes, Power Spots or even a Nepal Monastary?

Young Tibetan Monks - Weston Jolly

Have you ever gone somewhere like, Hawaii, Sedona or even Nepal and felt what could only be described as spiritual energy? Sometimes called Chi, Life Force Energy or Absolute Energy there is so much in this “Unnoticed Spiritual Energy.”

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Episode 071 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: Unnoticed Spiritual Energy

[00:00:50.770] – Weston

I want to thank everybody for joining me today because we have a very cool topic that I’m calling the Unnoticed Spiritual Energy All Around Us. And of course, we know that there’s energy, different kinds of energy that we interrelate with. And sometimes oftentimes we’re unaware of different facets of energy that we’re basically picking up or having observation to, perhaps on a subconscious level. So part of what I want to do today in this podcast is to talk about energy as a topic, which is fun and sometimes challenging, because putting into words how energy works for a person isn’t necessarily the same for someone else. So today, I’ve done something really exciting, and I have a very special guest, and I will call her my friend as well, because she is we have Andrea. And she’s coming in from across the pond in London, England. And I just wanted to have her join us today to have her experiences. And we’re going to have Andrea and I kind of a dialogue about energy together and about some of the things that she’s experienced and my perhaps offering some guidance or leadership to that. So please let me welcome Andrea to True Connections with Weston’s podcast.

[00:02:15.450] – Andrea

Hello. Weston I’m really excited to be chatting with you, as always.

[00:02:24.590] – Weston

Thank you, it’s absolutely my honor. And as you’ll get to feel, Andrea, she is just a treasure in terms of her passion, her inner beauty and her desire for personal growth, and especially in the spiritual realm. Andrea and I have been conversing for quite a while now in terms of having sessions. And I know, oftentimes, that you have asked or presented questions around energy. And again, like, we just got through talking. I thought it would be really fun for us to just have a dialogue – kind of inclusive of some of the places that you’ve been, because most people may or may not experience in this lifetime the kinds of experiences that you have. And I’m going to let you just share a little bit about maybe your interest in terms of travel and that kind of thing for the moment. And then we’ll kind of sachet into how you have felt in different aspects of some of your travels.

[00:03:29.010] – Andrea

Sure, you know I think it’s a really interesting topic that you bring up because I get to talk with you about something that I also have found pretty interesting about the past few years. And it’s not something I’ve really spoken about that much. So, I’d say I definitely grew up traveling a lot with my parents. I’m Indonesian. And I’m American. It’s always been a big part of our family and the way we’ve connected with one another. But after those initial travels when I was young, there was a long period where I didn’t really feel like I had the energy to travel. And that was really strange for me because that was such a big identifier for me and for my family until the past few years, where I started realizing that if I traveled with a spiritual purpose, some sort of broader intention for me, with my own spiritual journey, I started to engage with places in a new way. And instead of being exhausted, I started to find myself being rejuvenated and excited about the interactions I’d have with the place I’d visit, which was really exciting, and cool, because all of a sudden, I became a lot more energized as a person, which is something I’ve struggled with a lot in my life.

[00:04:52.110] – Weston

Can you talk about that a little bit in terms of is it like that you struggled managing energy or you spoke just briefly just a second ago about feeling drained?

[00:05:04.930] – Andrea

Yes. So everything seemed normal until basically, I think I hit burnout, and I became incredibly, painfully aware — of how burnt out I was. And once that happened, it was like I couldn’t shake the burnout from my body. And I experienced this long and incredibly frustrating stagnation, which I experienced as what I thought was parasites, and I would wake up really late in the day.

[00:05:42.590] – Weston

You physically thought you had something, not that you couldn’t, but you thought something physically was going on.

[00:05:48.750] – Andrea

Totally… For, like, five years.

[00:05:50.850] – Weston


[00:05:52.530] – Andrea

And it was really hard to get rid of. Yeah. I had fogginess in the head. I had a lack of energy and a lack of willpower. I thought I was really lazy, but then I would have these clear moments and realize, like, oh, wow, it’s not laziness. There is something wrong.

[00:06:11.750] – Weston

That’s absolutely fascinating. I mean, fascinating in the sense that I think it’s a very common occurrence that we experience something energetically. And almost always, I’ll speak of myself for half a second, that we think that something’s wrong with us. So as a child, perhaps similar to you, Andrea, I’ve always had an acute sensitivity. Especially when we speak of the term of energy, meaning I can feel the energy of a room, a person, a dog, a cat, a football game. I mean, everyone can, but there are definitely people who tend to feel it more. And when we’re taking in energy and we don’t know how, and I’m putting that kind of in “air quotes” here because we do not know what we’re doing, which is not true. We just haven’t remembered what we’re doing. That’s the purpose of what we’re doing here today, is to bring that understanding to a conscious level. So, number one, that you’re not thinking that something’s wrong with you as much as perhaps you’re wanting to integrate further. And if I may speak boldly, Andrea, just in terms of some of our experience together, there was a time that I witnessed or observed that, energetically speaking, that you would be a chameleon… Meaning you would adjust your energy to the room or to the environment of the people with an intention to fit in.

[00:07:38.770] – Weston

And I think that’s, again, extremely common back to my own self. It’s something I emphatically did. I didn’t know that I was doing it, meaning I wasn’t conscious I was doing it, but I did it, of course, to be a part of the family or to be part of the group of friends that I wanted to be a part of. And sometimes we develop a habit of that that becomes unconscious to the point that we’re not balanced. Meaning, I’m trying so hard to match the energy of other people, but I’m not necessarily being, shall we say, in truth, for myself. I didn’t mean to dominate here, Andrea. So please let me have you continue.

[00:08:14.210] – Andrea

No, not at all. It’s helpful to hear you say that, because as you’re saying that, I’m also processing. Yes, totally. I can almost feel it in my body, the way that I’ve matched these different places and times in my life. So much so that when I found myself, for example, at a monastery that rise in energy level, what was amazing was finding that I could match that and that I hadn’t been on a day to day holding that energy just because I didn’t see it reflected back to myself.

[00:08:42.070] – Weston

Well, describe that for us further. When you say match it, number one, what did you feel when you walked into the monastery and perhaps you can give us an idea where this monastery was?

[00:08:52.170] – Andrea

Sure. So I was in Nepal, at a Tibetan monastery that’s near you can see the Himalayas. It is an exquisite place, and I felt incredibly happy.

[00:09:05.950] – Weston

I can feel it just talking to you. I’m sorry for so it’s okay if I get a little bit. emotional –it’s just how it works.

[00:09:19.090] – Andrea

Totally. I’ve recently took photos on this little disposable camera. I put some of those photos on my wall. It was such a meaningful trip for me. They’re now, like, in my living room wall, and I can see the faces of some of these young monks who I met. They had such an impact on me. But I can share. When I first arrived there, I was with a group of three other women. They were in the middle of what they called a fire puja. And the puja, honestly, I can’t tell you what the direct translation is, but it’s like a prayer ritual where they all come together and do the chant, mantra. And the fire puja was outside, because there was a big fire, that they   were attending. So we arrived in the middle of where they’re already doing this chant and sat down and these tiny little monks from like, the age of five and six all the way up to adult monks, were sitting outside and they’re just really starting…

[00:10:25.590] – Weston

That’s interesting itself because most people, when I think of monks stereotypically, I think of someone who’s of age of 30 something. I don’t know what the age would be. So that’s interesting. But these are very tiny souls, individuals or children who are participating in this. Is that correct?

[00:10:44.350] – Andrea

Absolutely. Yeah. It’s astonishing to see because the other thing that I had forgotten, I have had the great pleasure of being around monks, Tibetan monks, all my life, but what I’d forgotten is what I found when you’re around a Tibetan monk. So, it’s like these young monks who are five or six, they also have this incredible groundedness. They feel like the earth somehow to me.

[00:11:13.350] – Weston


[00:11:15.450] – Andrea

And they have and what I was seeing in this ritual, an incredible devotion at such a young age. Yeah. So, anyway, so we walk up to they’re all sat in rows, looking forward to the person who’s leading it. We walk up to the side and we sit down and they come and kind of help us make us feel comfortable. And as I’m sitting down, taking in the scene of these little, little beings who are so comfortable in this spiritual work, I am really taken aback and very emotional. I think I definitely had tears in my eyes, and I didn’t know what the tears were from, to be honest, at the time. It just was all a lot. Right. Yeah. I remember sitting down and this weird thing happened. I suddenly saw my inner child in my mind’s eye.

[00:12:23.250] – Weston


[00:12:24.040] – Andrea

And she’s not always visible to me. And usually when I do see her, it’s when I’m having a difficult emotion. Sometimes I see her kind of curled up in a ball or in the corner of a room. I picture her kind of, like, hiding from people. Interesting this time. Yeah. I see her come to me and say, “Hey, I’ve got this… I know how to do this. Let me take care. Let me take over.”

[00:12:53.230] – Weston

Hint. Hint. Right.

 [00:12:56.030] – Andrea

Yeah. I’m like what? This is bizarre. Okay. I see her sit and cross legged within my body, and she suddenly is just moving. So they’re swaying. These little monks are swaying together as they’re chanting.

[00:13:14.970] – Andrea

Very effortlessly. Right. If you can imagine all these children chanting and swaying, and she’s swaying with them, chanting as if she knows exactly what they’re saying. And I’m sitting there, I’m just lost in the sound, these vibrations from the chanting of all these people around me. And yeah, there’s definitely, definitely my whole body, it kind of released and grounded itself in a way that was definitely new.

[00:13:52.300] – Weston

Andrea this is incredible. Especially, I remembrance of your childlike self and having that connection, actually even wanting permission to, shall we say, lead. And that’s why I kind of zeroed in on the age of the monks, because where you’ve taken the conversation that we can and obviously with regards to many people have access to an energy that may be predated to this life, meaning we’re actually recalling different things that take place. I’m going to describe something, but I certainly want to hear more. We want to hear more. Andrea, in terms of what you’re.

[00:14:40.920] – Weston

And I want to be kind of specific for a know, we could be talking about healing energy, kundalini energy, sexual energy, focused energy, manifesting energy. There’s all kinds of energies that we can and do participate in. But today, in terms of kind of our focus, kind of opening up the door to this energetic topic, becoming aware, the unnoticed spiritual energy all around us, of course, is what we’re talking about. And so what we’re wanting to do is put focused attention on this energy, have everyone realize that you’re not alone, you’re not by yourself. And perhaps some of the things that are taking place here in terms of our dialogue together, Andrea and I will spur some energetic pieces within you. So let me share something. This is different, completely traditional, based upon what you just got through. But and I want to come back to your interrelationships with energy, because that discovery process in itself is very cool. And I do feel extremely emotional about this topic because it’s almost like a topic that you personally experience, and you wonder if other people experience it. And I’ve kind of likened that to going to a concert, and we’ve got people in the room, obviously the audience, and I’m a member of that audience, but for some reason, not with everybody, certainly I’m not the only one, but for some reason, I’m moved in a way that could be described as different than somebody else.


[00:16:12.140] – Weston

And I’ve always wondered why. Meaning I’ve always wondered why I would be so touched. And I say that again with air quotes, because it’s not a physical touch, but I feel touched. My heart feels touched. I feel moved, as you were describing. I feel sometimes grounded. Sometimes I feel elevated, like I’m literally floating in this connection that can be environmental or in the presence of some person. And when that happens within me, I become very excited. I mean, I become like, maybe like you, Andre. I become much like a boy. My eyes go wide and like, oh, wow, we’re about to have some fun. And so I open up and I want to play in this kind of energy. And it’s very pure, it’s very authentic. It’s the purest of languages. And most people hopefully know this, but when people are tuning in, when I say tuning in, when they’re processing, we hear the term clairvoyance or claireaudience as a means to clearly see or to clearly hear. But clairesentience, which is our ability to feel clearly, is something that is our strongest gift by far. But interestingly enough, and I say our, I’m speaking of literally everybody, but most people are unaware to the degrees that they’re actually receiving information via energy and this process.


[00:17:37.600] – Weston

And some people are going to want to categorize it. In terms of a physical feeling that my skin got hot or my skin got cold, which it can happen, but it doesn’t have to. It doesn’t have to originate in that kind of way. And this is why perhaps even the language today that Audrea and I are sharing could be a little bit different, but hopefully very descriptive, to elicit the permission within you, our listeners, to really feel that within yourself and have you understand that, number one, you’re not at all alone. That these things that have been processing, perhaps within you since your earliest moments. Or perhaps there’s something that’s not true, that you’ve not experienced anything until more recently. And yet you went to a concert and you’ve been to many concerts before, and all of a sudden, you felt moved in a way that you’ve never been moved before. Anyway, I just wanted to share that that connection that we have with energy can evoke all kinds of different things. Emotions within me as a person oftentimes tears, but not because I’m sad, but just because I feel ecstatic. It’s a complete and utter joy to be in this energetic presence.


[00:18:46.270] – Weston

And I don’t know how even to describe that from my body. My body wants to just weep, enjoy that we’re here or that we’re in the presence of something that’s sometimes we use the terms magical or that beautiful, and again, emanating from our own selves or receiving that in any way. So, Andrea, please continue with your dialogue. I didn’t mean to interrupt.


[00:19:09.520] – Andrea

No, not at all. And are you saying when you’re saying you are feeling moved by being in the presence of something magical, are you talking about we’re back in the scene of being at the monastery?


[00:19:20.180] – Weston

Yes, because I haven’t been to a monastery. But I have many, many times with you, Andrea. And I know that you know this. And I’m not trying to live through you, but I can feel you and your connection to an energy of a given person or a given situation, I guess that’s me channeling, if you want to call it that. But it’s beyond empathy. It’s a total oneness. And I can basically, as if you gave me your body, I can feel you. And then suddenly my body, which is yours, wants to have all its different reactions. And of course, I’m giving it permission to do that so that I can really have we’ll call a perfect understanding of what you, in this case, is going through. And I do that with other people, of course. But there is a connection that sometimes we have with individuals that can be higher than other people. And I say higher, just like we would have friends or close acquaintances that we would maybe we use the term favor, but not necessarily in an egotistical way, but there’s just a connected way.


[00:20:33.980] – Weston

Sometimes these relationships that we have with one another are again beyond this realm. So when we come into one another’s presence again, sometimes this energetic exchange is just out of a remembrance. Hey, do you remember this energy and what you were just describing and feeling you, Andrea, and feeling the little girl in you, tapping into the kids, even in the swaying, I can just picture that perfectly. You start to sway as well. It’s something that is, of course, very real, and I’m saying real in the physical realm for anyone who needs that, but ultimately it’s real beyond that. And so what I’m really wanting to give, shall we say, open invitation to is to extend yourself into energies that perhaps you’ve been exposed to your whole life, but you’ve not necessarily picked up on it or become aware. Of it, or shall we say, just kicked open the door to how energies can be processed that aren’t harsh or bad, they’re just beautiful energies. And perhaps the most defined of reflections of things that you’re trying to show yourself in this lifetime in terms of bringing yourself up to a state of awareness and of course, to a choice to express.


[00:21:51.540] – Weston

Andrea, I definitely overstepped here. I want you to go back to the monastery and tell us what else happened because I think we’re all dying to hear what happens next.


[00:21:59.720] – Andrea

Okay? I also just wanted to mention as we’re tuning into the scene and as Weston’s talking about some of this amazing, incredible, miracle kind of experiences, I find myself having to close my eyes, which I just wanted to mention is one way sometimes I find myself learning how to integrate or feel energy. Sometimes I feel like I get flooded by something. Again, we’re talking about trying to find language for things that are difficult. Right? But one thing I notice is when I’m flooded by a certain energy, I find myself closing my eyes because it feels good, helps me focus, maybe. What is that about?


[00:22:43.860] – Weston

It’s totally that focus, attention. Sometimes people who are clairvoyant also will close their eyes to prevent the physical eye from distracting from what they’re seeing artistically. Someone may choose to not look at something physical in the room. So let’s say that Andrea, for example, you were a model and you were sitting in front of the room and I was an art student, and I’m going to draw you sitting in a chair. That’s very typical in a standard art room. But there’s another way of doing it. We can take a picture of Andrea and draw that. Or we can literally close our eyes, literally, and picture the chair, picture of Andrea sitting in the chair.  So turning off a physical sense is a very common ways to give further attention to what it is that you’re perceiving now. I think that’s wonderful and I would encourage everyone to do that. And there’s no rules, right? So I don’t want anyone thinking that what I’m about to share is a rule.


[00:24:00.280] – Weston

However, I will stretch you that as you get more practiced, you can keep your eyes open, whether that’s a clairvoyant imagery that you can process that while physically seeing and energy, you can do the same thing. A lot of people do shut their eyes to process what they’re sensing. If I use that term that goes outside the physical senses. So that’s great. But if you can practice again, maybe just kind of turning it on and off in terms of opening up your eyes. And sometimes people go into a very still state, like a meditative state, where we would sit and focus very solemnly in an energy to basically feel it in the way that we do. Fine, but it doesn’t have to be done that way. We could be at a rave where there’s a lot of movement going on within our own bodies, and yet we don’t have to be still or with our eyes shut to perceive that. And again, I’m not necessarily talking about just the physical pieces. So I would have everyone experiment with closing your eyes, if that helps. By all means do it. And then at the same time, give yourself the opportunity to realize that you can go beyond that and don’t let the physical, should we say, interrupt what you’re processing on a spiritual level. That would be my biggest encouragement.


[00:25:29.020] – Andrea

Thank you. Interesting. Okay, I’m taking it back to the Monistary where I’m sitting at this fire puja and I’m just astounded at all these little beings who are displaying such mastery to me of prayerful, devotional, act in something that I’m desperately trying to learn. And I just see these tiny little seven year olds who are just so naturally in their flow with it and just totally mesmerized and gassed, really. And so there’s this thing going on with my inner child, just like playing with the energy. And later when my mind is trying to make sense of it all, what I realize is that it feels like suddenly, almost for the first time, that kind of shock feel that I’m in an environment where I’m allowed to be the devotional being that I am.


[00:26:28.860] – Weston

Oh, wow. That’s so significant for you to say that. Sorry for getting excited, but I just go ahead.


[00:26:37.330] – Andrea

No, I know. I just felt so incredible and I was like, what is going on? Why? What has changed? What has changed? Not much. I’m not doing anything differently. Besides, I’m here, but there’s just this. I was there for a week, and it felt like the people I met and was around, it’s not like we’re talking don’t speak English with me, but suddenly there’s this frequency or something. That’s the word I’m using for it that’s all around, that makes me feel like I can bring out parts of myself that I’ve been hiding and that I didn’t know I was hiding. And suddenly it feels so good to show them and to bring them out on a daily basis on multiple times a day that I’m in prayer and to really devote myself to this. I mean, I’m still trying to figure out what that is exactly for myself. But suddenly there’s this part of me that just feels so good to exercise and to practice and to be around these others who are vibrating at this level. And, yeah, I didn’t even come to this place on my own volition. I mean, I chose to agree to go, but I didn’t choose this destination.


[00:28:10.340] – Andrea

I just happened to be on a pilgrimage with a woman friend who had put together this little what do you call it? Like an itinerary. And I said “yes” to the itinerary. I said “yes” to her. I said “yes” to my intuition saying yes to her. But I did not plan on coming to this monastery, and I haven’t been totally aware of my own connection with Tibetan Buddhism or Buddhism in itself. And here I am, suddenly just finding this massive piece of myself in this unexpected way. A massive unexpected way.


[00:28:50.480] – Weston

I’m so glad you said what you shared, because, number one, there’s something to really emphasize Andrea for yourself and for the benefit of everybody else as well. And that is, I hope everyone heard it. She said “yes” how many times? Like five times? To the itinerary, to the opportunity. Yes to life. I mean, all of this is yes to the flow, right? The universal flow to the energy. So when we are saying yes or asking, which is the same thing as saying yes, we are participating. And I want to share that, because that’s how and I’m putting that in air quotes as well, how we access certain kinds of energies. So I will share or reflect that this is not even close to accidental, but divine in nature, where there’s some part of Andrea that has wanted to tap into this very specific kind of energy in this exact kind. Of way as a means to reflect back some things, to help her understand herself personally and to perhaps learn how to engage in this kind of energy unless you learn that receiving of it and of course, expressing it meaning or offering that energy.


[00:30:00.600] – Weston

And that’s why I talked about the different kinds of energy in terms of healing energy, kundalini, sexual focus, energy of duality when I say that think male energy versus female energy. But this is different. Meaning this is a category all by itself in terms of we’re really just becoming aware in the most general sense. But then we’re going to dive down into some very specific things of the energies that are around us that are not just kind of clues, they’re significant clues as we would leave ourself a hint in the next life of a state of remembrance. That’s what we do oftentimes with energetic experiences that will create an experience with an intention to say hey, do you remember this part of who you are? And you Andrea, saying yes to that part is very beautiful. And of course, as everyone knows, Andrea is an adult. And I will definitely share with hopefully your comfort, Andrea, that as you continue to mature as an adult that you are, that that part of you may not become anything less than what it is. Even more significant, meaning the little girl, the childlike pieces, the innocence that continues to be fostered even though you are choosing to mature from a physical perspective.


[00:31:29.020] – Weston

And this is something really to be said. And this kind of energy, by the way, tapping into just a general energy like that of nature has an energy. We speak of the Earth having a tone. And Andrea used the term frequency, which is very interesting because of course all energies does have a frequency and most people don’t know that energies don’t ever stop. And most people think of it an energy like putting gas in the tank and that energizes the car to be able to drive down the road. Energy, it’s a transference. It’s something that’s always in flow from one form to another. And it’s not something that we can stop or categorize we do in science because it helps the intellectual mind to understand or appreciate how electricity flows. But the reality is it’s always going, it’s always in the flow. And I’m using electricity as a little bit of analogy because it’s all around us. But think of ourselves as humankind. We didn’t know that once upon a time that we didn’t have any concept of energy, number one, and let alone electricity. And yet it’s around us. Even if we didn’t have power stations to make electricy, that we use when we put a plug into the wall with, et cetera, et cetera, it’s always been here.


[00:32:52.340] – Weston

Now, that’s part of what we want to get back in touch with because the more that we choose to engage in that kind of awareness, it definitely takes its places. So I’m underlining Andrea’s passion for life, which is totally Andrea to say yes to the invitations of the universe and yes to her own higher self, to perhaps an invitation that maybe she didn’t even know that was going on until she got there. Thank you for sharing that.


[00:33:21.720] – Andrea

Yeah, and I guess for some reason I feel like sharing this part know. Initially, the reason why I went to Nepal is because I was very aware that one thing that I had been missing in my life is grounding. And of all the places that I felt called to go on the Earth, the Himalayas were something that had always just been so majestic and so just beyond comprehension and fascinating. And there was an attraction there, basically. So when I look at it now, I definitely feel like I was being called by the Himalayas because I wanted to learn from them how to ground myself.


[00:34:15.560] – Weston

Absolutely fascinating. To me.


[00:34:19.980] – Andrea

What I think is funny is that at that time and I think when I look back at this whole journey in my interrelation with different places and learning how to feel energies locally, wherever I am is that in the beginning, when I’m still building sensitivity to feel. It felt like first I had to go to the things that were what I felt to be the strongest energy givers so that I could begin to feel little. And I think it’s funny to me that I went to the Himalayas because, wow, for me, those are just such a giant, energetic stronghold of the Earth. I had to go all the way over there just to begin to be like, this is real. There is energy here, and it is teaching me something.


[00:35:05.880] – Weston

Well, I think that’s incredibly insightful. Meaning we have given scores of retreats in Hawaii as an energy hub, if I could use that term. And I’ve always been very transparent about that. And also in Sedona, many times have we given retreats there as well, because it’s a portal of energy. Again, a different kind. When I say different kind, different kind in Hawaii versus Sedona. And while I’ve never been to the Himalayas, interestingly enough, and I’m not a hiker, meaning I’m not a mountain climber. I do hike, but know, without ropes or Mount Everest or anything like that. But I’ve always been fascinated by that area, and I’ve watched and read countless books on mountaineering. And I’m just wondering now, kind of out loud with you, Andrea, that I’m wondering if that has to do with what you’re talking about, that I’m drawn to the mountain and not necessarily the climbers experience as much as the mountain. And I actually feel emotional about that and then speaking to you or kind of tapping into that, because I didn’t realize that until this moment that there is something very profound, and I’m an air sign by my astrological birth, and I, too, have to have grounding.


[00:36:28.120] – Weston

Meaning if I’m not grounded, I am really imbalanced as a person, and we’re talking about energy, right? So if I’m in an environmental space that is really airy, it’s very fun for me. I mean, I get very excited about that. But then if I’m not properly grounded and once since I get in trouble, I feel my body feel really I want to describe it like I’m getting sick. And that’s not true, but it feels really uncomfortable. And not everybody has this or has this problem or this issue or the sensitivity, but when I ground it’s, like, oh, yes, I feel complete. And that’s part of the duality that I’m taking the airness within me or the ability to tap into that to ground. So going to a place like the Himalayas, Andrea, and experiencing that firsthand, maybe that’s why I’m emotional, just tapping into you again, thinking about you being there. I just feel that, and it just feels how do you describe it? I want to use the words at home. It just feels like at home, that there’s just an energetic balance there that perhaps isn’t it’s everywhere in the world, why we can create that anywhere we want.


[00:37:41.670] – Weston

But there may be. There are, and we know that there are. That you going to one of the strongest places on Earth. To engage with this energy as a means to awaken or to become aware of how well you can receive is cool. So I kind of think of, like, maybe you went to a Rolling Stones concert in Tibet to turn up the amplification system so that you can really feel the energy in that geographic area with the people as a means to create, balance and resonate some pieces within you that are certainly grounding and perhaps very instrumental to what you’re doing and what you’re creating in this life.


[00:38:29.960] – Andrea

That’s nice to hear, but yeah, talking about it is taking me back know, on the way flying into Kathmandu, into Nepal for the first time, I happened just to be flying from the right direction where we flew by Mount Everest. And suddenly I’m on the plane and the Captain goes, “if you’ll look to your right, you can see Mount Everest.” And I just remember just totally being totally shocked by the sight of it and also tearful, because for me, what it means is, yeah, I like hearing you speak about it Weston and then feeling it again. It’s like, for me, what I was hoping to experience was my dream of experiencing grounding, my dream of being able to experience the majestic beauty of what I imagined the Himalayas might feel like. I was hoping that I would find that there and a bit nervous that I might not that I might not be able to feel it, that I might not be moved by it.


[00:39:46.420] – Weston



[00:39:46.950] – Andrea

But when I got there, it took time, and it took prayer, where I was continuing asking for this connection with the land, which is a practice that I’ve been trying to cultivate for myself. So I actually have to go choose to go on this as a four day trek around the Annapurna Mountain range. Okay. Which, by the way, Annapurna in local language means full of food. And when I heard them say that, yeah, full of food, because food grows well around the valley, basically, I think, is what I’ve been told. But when I hear that, what I hear is abundance.


[00:40:40.420] – Weston

That makes sense.


[00:40:42.260] – Andrea

Yeah. I went to go walk around this area of abundance of the world, and while I was walking, I was asking mountain for connection with myself, with the land, with the water, with rocks, with the wind. And I was asking for help, and I was asking the Earth to help me listen, help me connect. And over time, day by day, slowly, I could start to feel different things. And I think I just …


[00:41:23.540] – Weston

I just have to ask real quick. Is that something that you’ve always done? Meaning, from childhood?


[00:41:33.560] – Andrea

I don’t have memories of it.


[00:41:35.960] – Weston

You do or don’t?


[00:41:37.500] – Andrea

Do not? No.


[00:41:39.400] – Weston



[00:41:41.000] – Andrea

Do you think it’s something I’ve always done?


[00:41:43.480] – Weston

Yes, I do. I know it is.


[00:41:45.790] – Andrea



[00:41:46.190] – Weston

Knowing it. The reason I’m saying that is because I’m reflecting on my own self for the moment. We’re kind of two kids in a little canoe here, sharing with everybody. But the asking, I’ve always done that. Meaning when I go to go outside and hike or walk or do anything or get in the ocean, really, my intention is to become at one with whatever thing I’m doing. I went and climbed a mountain yesterday, overlooked a little beautiful little Bay Area in the central coast of California, and yet my intention is to be at one with literally everything. I mean, the ground, the birds, the environment, everything. And of course, when we were describing this, I’m talking about energy. I want to be one with that energy. And of course, that energy for me in that space, as you were describing, is very grounding, something that’s very healthy for me, as I described. But this asking that you’re talking about, oh, my gosh, I do that all the time. Now, I’m not suggesting I’m absolutely sharing, and hopefully not with anything, but just confirmation that your choice to ask is something that’s natural, meaning something that’s always been there, and if it’s been developed or coming about as newer to your conscious mind, great.


[00:43:06.820] – Weston

But you having that understanding is pretty cool. And you referenced something else, too, that I want to kind of highlight, but I want to continue hearing what you have to share because I’m so fascinated by this, that you described coming into the area and that you needed a little bit of time. And I just made a note in my head that that’s like coming to an area and getting used to the area. Sometimes we do that when we travel from a different time zone. Right. It takes us a minute to get out of the jet lag, to get used to that area. And yet is that it? Meaning, is that what we’re adjusting to? Are we tuning into the area? Do we need time to do that? And sometimes we do. Sometimes an area such as the Himalayas may take a minute for you to get used to the reason why is because it’s thumping or vibrating or has its frequency to, in essence, invite you. I’ll use the terms deeper to a deeper understanding or an inner wisdom, a connection, of course, and of course, not necessarily just to that part of the world, geographically speaking, meaning it could take you outside of this realm, outside of this universe, quite literally.


[00:44:21.540] – Weston

And this is why these things, in my opinion, could be and are done. But so you being acclimating to the area is an interesting term because I know a lot of times when people come to Sedona, they need to acclimate, or Hawaii, they need to acclimate. It takes them a little while to get used to the energy. And you know what? That’s why they come. Now, when I’m teaching in that kind of environment, I’ve been very transparent about this for years. I’m using that energy, meaning that local energy, if you will, to work with me together so that we have this individual and collective experience. Now, whether we’re doing a retreat or we’re on a pilgrimage of our own, these opportunities are before us. But this acclamation is done back to something that, Andre, you said, and it’s very natural for you, but not for everybody. You’re saying yes to it. You’re literally asking to be connected. And that will take you into further depth of connection, meaning it will allow you to become used to that frequency or that environment that much quicker. And when you do, this is a part I’m most anxious to hear from Andrea.


[00:45:37.520] – Weston

I’m interested in how you feel, what’s happening in that period of when you first come in versus, let’s say, day three or day four and what’s happening after that. And, man, anything you can describe there, Andrea, is something that we’re all leaning into.


[00:45:56.040] – Andrea

You know, there’s a lot of nervous energy, a lot of nervous energy. I had excitement, fear about what I was going to find. So I think definitely in the first date, and my mind was spinning too, and I was really desperate for answers. So my self talk was like, very much trying to figure out and ask questions within my own head when I’m on the trek for the first few days. So I feel like the first two days, just tiring myself out, listening to my own inner monologue talk my ear off. Exhaustion was a good first phase of release, just like listening to my thoughts until I couldn’t anymore and tiring my body out until it’s feeling more loose. A huge, amazing thing of going on a trek into the mountains is that your own rhythm starts to move with the rhythm of nature. Just submerging yourself in nature like that, I think, is actually a faster way of acclimating to a place rather than a city. Because I was going to bed when the sun went down and I was waking up when the sun rose and it’s so quiet at night, there’s nothing there.


[00:47:13.300] – Andrea

So I felt like, in retrospect, I was sinking into my environment more quickly. But to be honest, when I was experiencing it, I think one, two, three days, I think there were moments when I was like, I haven’t really had any big insights. What are those going to come, right? And I think it was on day four when I had tired myself out in all these different ways that the insights just hit. Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.


[00:47:53.060] – Weston

Oh, really? It started just happening all at one time?


[00:47:57.600] – Andrea

Yeah. This conversation I’ve been having in the back of my head since day one started suddenly to have answers. And I started to feel these kind of openings in my body, openings in myself, even at this time in my life of particular. So much going on, particular tension and anxiety about excitement, you know, new energy hitting old energy. I was emotional eating in the week before, going on this trip, and so I wasn’t feeling that good in my body when I arrived, basically. And on day four, I did feel a big change. I had worked through some of those anxieties with all the walking by day, you know, physically, there was an opening on a lot of different levels.


[00:48:54.570] – Weston

There were these when you described the insight, Andrea anything specific or just as an example of something that just availed itself or opened up to, you know.


[00:49:08.770] – Andrea

The other day I opened up my journal.


[00:49:14.860] – Weston

I’m glad you mentioned that word becauseI want to talk about that in a minute.Journaling is a really important part to capture these things that we’re going through because they’re very important to us. So, yeah, you opened your journal. What happened?


[00:49:27.820] – Andrea

Totally. And I’ve had such a big lesson from you about my journaling and finding my own voice. Weston because you were encouraging me to journal so much, and then you’re encouraging me to go back and read what I’d written, which I wouldn’t dare do at the time without your nod. And I went back and I read my journal and I was like, Whoa, that’s kind of brilliant, right? Yeah. And I started to hear my own voice that I hadn’t heard before. When I looked back and took a moment to see these micro thoughts I’m having during the day, like, wow, there’s something know.


[00:50:10.200] – Weston

Hey, everybody. I thought this would be a perfect moment to take a quick pause with the interview that we’re having with Andrea to talk about a different kind of journaling. I’ve just released a new course called The Secrets of Free Writing. In it, I am teaching how to meditate with a pen(tm). And I’m sharing this because it’s been a passion of mine from the very beginning. This has been the thing, the tool, the spiritual way, if you will, or the means in which I became aware and without this tool. It’s really difficult to get a hold of important ideas or spiritual insight. And automatic writing has given me as it will give you that direct access in written form. When you automatic write, you can actually measure your own growth, of course, review it and dig down into your ideas and, of course, the spiritual messages that come forth consistently. You’re about to hear something Andrea is going to share in just a moment that happened for her where she read something that she had written down before, and it meant something very, very meaningful to her. Please take a moment to check out secrets of your writing on my website at https://westonjolly.com/the-secrets-of-freewriting/ And now we’ll get back to the interview with Andrea.


[00:51:25.540] – Andrea

I realize now one of my intentions coming on that trek was working. I was trying to figure out why I keep having or was having these issues of not feeling good in myself, not feeling worthy of all these wonderful gifts that I’ve been born into, whether it’s skill sets or family situation privileges. For some reason, with all the other issues that I’ve had, this one seems to be core, one that dominates all the others. And I was ruminating on this during the walk. And so suddenly, on day four, I’m like, I have this while I’m journaling, excitedly looking out the window, this amazing peak. I was looking out at this mountain called fishtail. That’s the English word for it. It’s a sacred mountain. And by the way, in Nepal, the mountains are so much bigger than anywhere in the of any of the other peaks in the world were in Nepal, they might not be considered mountains, because they would just consider them hills. In Nepal, that’s how big the mountains are there. Like they’re isn’t that crazy? Yeah, that is totally they literally don’t name what would be mountain here. They just would call it a hill and would not give it a name.


[00:52:57.280] – Weston

It’s not worthy of a name.


[00:52:59.600] – Andrea

Yeah, that’s the scale we’re talking about. These giants, these titans. Anyway, I’m out. I’m looking at this. A quick side note, there’s this sacred mountain called fishtail, and the reason why it’s sacred is because people have tried to climb it in the past but have been unable to. Either they have failed or they’ve died, or they’ve experienced these crazy things where they’ve climbed up to, like, base camp two, and when they wake up in the morning, they find themselves at base camp. One small hint of what’s happening. These are the stories I heard. And so, officially, the government decided that it was a sacred mountain that wasn’t meant to be climbed, and so no one can climb it. I love that.


[00:53:50.980] – Weston

That is cool. Oh, that’s so interesting. Extremely interesting.


[00:53:55.940] – Andrea

Yeah. I love that the government acknowledges the sacredness of it and these sacred acts. I love that that’s so much a part of the Nepalese culture that can be seen. It feels so good to hear that to me.


[00:54:10.860] – Weston



[00:54:14.280] – Andrea

Okay, so I’m journaling and what I decide is that I’ve spent my life trying to be something else than what I am. And I realized on my walk is that that was actually a futile effort, that I could never be anything but what I am and that it wasn’t worth my time trying to be anything else. And this was my big epiphany. Why am I trying to be something that is literally impossible to happen? I was literally made like this. I could try all I want, I could use all the money in the world, I could get a thousand people’s help, and I will never, ever be able to be anything but what I have been born as.


[00:55:07.900] – Weston



[00:55:09.500] – Andrea

That was step one. The second step was and I have been born this way on purpose and I have been divinely given this body with all the attributes that it has. And this being that I have been incarnated into at this moment, I’ve been gifted all of that divinely, and in fact, all that I am is this divine gift. And that is something that has been sacredly given to me. And I realized that for me the most. So side note, what I’ve already realized at this point in my life when I’m on this venture is that sacredness is something that means something so much to me. And I know that sacredness is my guiding light somehow. That much I had gained already. So on this walk, I realized that I have been in fact, divinely given all the parts of myself which, side note, I have been trying to change since day one. And that was actually dishonoring the sacred act of what I am already. And I realized that the most sacred act, which again, for me is exactly what I’m trying to do, is honoring all that I already am. And I asked myself, how do I honor everything that I am?


[00:57:01.630] – Andrea

And my answer to that was I nurture myself. And I explore this being that I am and try to understand this being that I’ve been gifted, which is myself in all the ways I can. And that’s how I honor this gift, this gift of all these attributes and gifts of this family, the gifts of where I live. And then I sorry, this is long, but step two, so I learn about her, I nurture her. Step two is then sharing her gifts, sharing and expressing her voice with the world. And that was my big epiphany.


[00:57:53.390] – Weston

Andre I’m deeply touched by that because I can’t tell you how many times a day that where I sit when people come and present themselves with a question and they’ll ask a question such as, “How do I become myself?” Which in one sense, from an intellectual perspective is a ridiculous question, but it’s not because we are all conditioned beings. We’ve come into this realm and we’re conditioned to become what the world thinks a girl should be or act like and be the different cultures that we grow up in. And as a part of this path or this journey into self awareness, you realize how futile it is to give energy to anything else than being your true self. And yet we negotiate with our minds. Is that okay? Is this something that my mom or dad would like or my friends or whomever? And ultimately, what you’re hearing is, of course, egoic thought trying to keep you, shall we say, back into that branded image or that that presence of who you think you should be. And I use that language very specifically. And when we take the space or the I want to use the word time because it’s relevant to this side of the fence, so to speak, but it’s not real.


[00:59:42.960] – Weston

But when we take the space to go into ourselves and to really appreciate the Divinity of why we’ve come into this embodiment and to… I love that word, your word, in terms of sacred, because it’s not just a word. It has a depth of meaning to it. It has energy with it. And when we revere our self and our origins and who we are as creators. And to put that back in motion to the potential of what we can exhibit or express or just receive in this realm, in this embodiment, it’s without question, and this is certainly my opinion most beautiful gifts that you could ever give yourself, bar none. Again, that energy towards that reaps rewards that I don’t think people really understand. And I feel so emotional about that. Because my feeling is if everyone did have that understanding of what it would mean to realize oneself in this realm and to put just a tiny bit of that in play let. Alone, perhaps abandon the pieces and the parts of who. And we thought we were appreciating where we’ve come from in terms of the stories, et cetera. But not being attached to them any longer gives us permission to go beyond.


[01:01:24.900] – Weston

And that going beyond is a very personal journey. But then there’s similarities, and this is the patterns that we see with one another. And this is why I’m so grateful to you, Andre, for you to be in my life, number one. And two, to be sharing this space with everyone, because we can relate to that. We can feel that that we too, want to give ourselves individual permission to stop trying to be somebody that we’re not. And I think that being done at an earlier age versus an older age is something special, something to put a light on. And I put that light on you, Andrea, because of your age being a young woman and having that wisdom or that understanding which is not taught meaning. It’s something that’s innate, and it’s something that comes forth in you, of course, just being you, which is always the truth with all of us when we choose to exhibit or to express that desire, that connection. And this path, if you want to call it that, this energetic path of giving ourselves permission to be at one within ourselves and to literally allow that to come out again, like I said, it’s everything.


[01:02:47.210] – Weston

And Andre, I wanted to kind of circle the journaling thing because obviously I’ve been automatic writing for my entire experience, and there’s a difference between that and free writing and certainly just journaling. But even just capturing what is going on spiritually or dream state or just absence of just thoughts, which is, to me, a journaling aspect, has unbelievable value. And what you have shared I mean, I’m the pleasure of so much of what you have exhibited and I have to share with you, I feel extremely abundant about that. But the channeling that you’ve done and do, and whether it’s through prayers or toning or other ceremonies that you’ve participated in, that insight to capture that in a journaling like form has value beyond your imagination. And the reason I say that is because it enables you to actually touch or feel the energetic wisdom from something that comes beyond the person of Andrea or the person of Weston. And that’s why, Andrea, when you went back and reread some of your journaling, you could recognize and feel the profoundness in what was being exhibited. And there’s something extremely humbling about that. To know that it came from your hand, number one.


[01:04:18.780] – Weston

And two, to also recognize that it’s not from you, the person, or it’s not limited to that. And that’s just something incredible. And yet, whether we paint or we draw or we capture this via journaling or automatic writing or however what those forms are, they are all, in one sense, one dimensional means of trying to catch something that is multidimensional. And I want to be fair with that. But still it has tremendous value. Because as we share that with one another, just in terms of this dialogue or this interview, if you will, with one another, we create an opportunity to remember and to come back to that, to perhaps connect again in this kind of way and to give ourselves permission to say, yeah, I’m going to leave behind my artificial self or my lower self or my pretended self to be who I am. And it sounds funny to say this, but it takes a lot of courage to do that. And I say courage because the mind that will die when your physical body dies will tell you that that’s dangerous, that that would take you in a direction that would have you maybe cut off from all society in the world at large.


[01:05:42.690] – Weston

And yet the choice to be ourselves is the biggest gift that we give one another, we give ourselves first, and then the sharing with this. And I’m talking about right down to the mean, there’s an engagement, there’s a state of oneness in that space as well. So don’t miss the idea that when we make that kind of choice, that it has this profound effect and it’s not just in this realm. And when we start to experiment or play or again, as Andrea has been suggesting, ask questions or put desired attention in that space, you’ll find yourself interacting in ways that are you that go beyond perhaps the physical presence of that’s. I don’t know. I’m just touched in my soul, Andrea, for you to share those very simple steps which you have such a gift of doing, to taking something that might be quite complex and just reducing it to a couple steps and sharing that in a way that’s very profound. So please allow me to bow my head in honor of you here.


[01:06:52.550] – Andrea

Thank you. Weston it’s awfully nice to hear your reflections. Big time.


[01:07:02.410] – Weston

I’m moved, truly. I know we’ve gone a little bit beyond what our intended time was, but Andrea, with your permission, I would love to ask you back to perhaps do some more sharing and dialoguing in this forum. And I just want to heartfeltly you touch my heart. And I know that others who open up their heart that you’ll have that same profound effect upon them as well. And so if you don’t know Andrea, I welcome you the opportunity to get to know her here and perhaps in other places it will take place as she continues to, but very, very grateful. So thank you for your presence.


[01:07:45.370] – Andrea

Likewise. Weston thank you so much. This is really fun.


[01:07:48.730] – Weston

It is. So unless you think differently, we are doing this again. I’ll just make you commit right now.


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