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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that… “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

(What’s hiding beneath)

Few people know what’s keeping themselves from going forward.


The Big Lie seems to be again quite popular. But what’s behind the lying? I’m not really interested in talking  politics but rather the origins of the Big Lie… and what’s really being hidden.

In this podcast you’ll discover the one thing that keeps you closed off spiritually.

Step away from the propaganda, the lies, and get to the single most important thing keeping you disconnected from your spiritual gifts.

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Episode 068 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: The Big Lie

The Big Lie. You don’t want anyone to know about.

Face it, everybody lies. Most scholars agree that we learn to lie between the ages of two and four years old. Pretty early, right? Discover today what the Big Lie really means and how it affects you in every moment of your life.

In this podcast, I’m going to share exactly what the Big Lie is. And even more importantly, what’s behind it, even worse or better from your perspective, is why do we lie? What are we protecting? So what is the lie?

The actual concept of the Big Lie comes from politics. If you’re a history buff, then you know the Big Lie comes from the person who wrote the book, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. And it is true that the last US President, you know, the one who lost the election who is still using this same principle, created by Hitler, which is defined as; “The audacity to distort the truth, so infamously.”

This is plainly seen in the fact that the previous president didn’t loose the election because he didn’t have enough votes. No, according to the Big Lie he lost the election due to “electoral election fraud.” So, is this the Big Lie I want to talk about? No, it’s even better. In German, the Big Lie is translated as Gross Luge, which reads like in English like Gross Loogie. I’m saying that because I want you to picture it. Yeah. When you hear the phrase Big Lie, I want you to hear Gross Loogie.

So, what is the Big Lie?

Before I tell you, let me tell you that all lies are covering something up. Did you know that many liars actually unconsciously put their hands around their mouth –covering their mouth while they’re talking? This is because they have something to cover up. It’s kind of surprising to have that kind of tell, but it’s true.

So, when you’re lying, you’re actually trying to cover something up. And of course, the bigger the lie, the bigger the cover up. And to be clear, politics isn’t the only place that we find liars. So when you think Big Lie, you should be again thinking Gross Loogie hanging from a big cover up.

Here’s a great example given to us by mother. She said, “My kids in last minute desperate attempt tried to convince me that the dentist was actually located in Toys R US.” I think that’s a perfect Big Lie. And it’s actually a perfect transition because we don’t want to get too lost or connected any longer to the Big Lie coming from Hitler and/or politics.

I should say right here and right now that most of us don’t think that we lie. Further, did you know that 60% of us, during a ten-minute conversation, lie to one another?

So, again, what are we protecting? If you go further, it’s not really hard to spot a liar, but it can be difficult if we’re not using our intuition or we’re not tuned in. Oftentimes, we do not call out liars or lies because we don’t want to be seen in a bad light. Guess what? Good liars, especially narcissists, love to take advantage of that.

But is this what we’re really here to talk about? The Big Lie? Nope, it isn’t. I just wanted to really get your attention because the Big Lie is keeping you dramatically attached to drama. It’s certainly true today. But there’s something behind the Big Lie, and that is this and this is the truth.

You are in resistance.

This is why you’re protecting. Like lying, you’re constantly in resistance. I know, I know you probably don’t even think that that’s true, and that’s fine. But hear me out, because in your choice to be in resistance, you’re also in pain or suffering. And of course, by definition, you’re out of the flow.

Like lying, you may not even know that your resistance. Meaning, there’s a parallel to lying and being in resistance. I think it’s important to really, really drink this that is the Big Lie. This the thing that your hiding, that you are in resistance to. This is what I want to talk about. The first thing you may say or start to think is, I’m not resistance. And if you’ve already had that thought, then you’ve already proved my point. And next you may say, what am I resistant too? Or what things do I resist?

Almost everything.

Let’s really muscle into the truth about the Big Lie and this thing that’s hidden behind the Big Lie – which is our choice to be in resistance. We continue to tell ourselves that we’re not resistance. But we are. You remember, just a moment ago, I was referencing the Big Lie and its origins from Adolf Hitler, coming from his book, Mein Kampf? And, if you speak German, then are you aware of what Mein Kampf means?

It actually means, “My Struggle“ or ”My Fight.” You should think about that. The actual person created the concept of the Big Lie perfectly entitled his book called My Struggle. We can say it in another way; My suffering or my pain. That is the basis of this Big Lie.

Hitler went into hiding. And of course, he’s was in total resistance, in the same way that a previous U.S. President is with his complete and utter denial that he lost the election. Resistance of the very thing that’s true, that he’s no longer in office.

When you’re in resistance, you’re struggling and you’re also in pain and suffering.

You may be asking how and where you are in resistance. It’s a fair question. Let me give you some direct examples, some things that will actually be harder to ignore. After September 11, 2001, when the towers were struck, everyone in the United States wanted things to go back to normal. If you were used to traveling by air, the changes related to getting on a plane changed forever. This is a state of resistance that we are seeing something. We have an event. We don’t like the event and we resist the event.

And then, of course, we want things to go back to the way they were. And of course, they’re never going to go back to the way they were. Another example is currently true that more people have died from COVID–19 than the Spanish flu of 1918. There are people right now who are continuing to deny that the virus or that the pandemic of COVID–19 is actually real. They think of it as an attributed politics because of this Big Lie, which is, of course, something that is a Gross Luge (remember Gross Loogie) that’s hanging or hiding.

And of course, we know that the real essence of what we’re talking about, which is resistance, and we can’t go forward, if we’re in a state of resistance.

I want to make a comment for those of you who don’t know that I’ve been discussing the Pandemic COVID–19, and it’s meaning from a spiritual perspective, almost from the very start. In a series of monthly free teleconferences called; 60 Minutes of Truth – In Uncertain Times with Weston Jolly. To get more information, just Google “60 Minutes of Truth with Weston Jolly.”

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Let’s continue going forward about your choice, our choice, to be in a state of resistance so that we can become aware and make a change.

Every minute that you don’t accept the current moment for what it is. Then you are showing yourself the exact amount of resistance that you are exerting.

This is measured in the helplessness that you feel in being frustrated, anxious, worn out, angry, or even in rage for all that you are suffering. This is a really, really key sentence. This means that wherever you are focusing your energy consciously or not in a resistant state of mind, you’re actually contributing and creating all the difficulties that you’re presently incurring. This brings us, of course, to the biggest example in terms of resistance.

Our resistance to change.

In the business world, the resistance that people have to change is enormous, so much so that it consumes thousands and thousands of hours to try and help people understand why things need to change because they get locked in the idea that they shouldn’t change. And of course, what is that, again, a state of resistance. So when I say that we’re all in a state of resistance, it’s true physically. It is true spiritually. And this is something we want to change, right? Meaning, if we want to change it, we want to get into the flow. Let me go on to offer some other pragmatic examples of how we resist.

If you’re poor, you’re actually, in fact resisting wealth. That’s quite a statement. I could easily be offending people that perceive themselves as poor. But if you really want to get some more information about not being poor or better stated, not being in a state of resistance to wealth, then please read my book, Time to Be Rich. It costs $14.95 and you can get it here.—> Time To Be Rich.

If in reading Time To Be Rich, you didn’t get anything more than just reading the appendix of the book you’d benefit. I literally list all the current ways that you’re creating resistance to the very thing that you want, which is, in that case, wealth. If you really get in touch with the Time To Be Rich, of course, it’s much bigger than just about wealth.

Let’s continue going forward in taking about the banking system. There is continued resistance to cryptocurrencies. Why? Because the banking industry, as a whole internationally, can’t control it. That’s a problem, meaning as they proceed it, they don’t want to have this new technology or this new exchange to take place.

Therefore, they’re creating great deal of resistance -legally as well. And of course, that’s even how they would go to brand cryptocurrencies. This is why some cryptocurrencies are said to be used by the dark side of individuals in we would use that to buy and sell drugs, which of course, is not true. If we go into another pragmatic example, the whole automotive industry has been resistant to electric cars. Have you ever wondered why Tesla doesn’t have any car dealerships? Meaning, why can’t you run down and test drive a Tesla the same way that you would test drive a Ford or even a Ferrari?

You can’t drive a Tesla that way. There’s a reason because the whole industry that is, the whole automotive industry, got together and created a great deal of resistance to this new technology. Tesla was doing in a completely different way and became a threat because of that perceived threat. Again, there was a desire to create resistance and that’s still in places we speak. Interesting, right?

We’re talking about more pragmatic examples of how we create resistance. If we aren’t present, that is, we put all of our attention on the future or the past, then we don’t have to be accountable for what we’ve created. This is again, a state of resistance.

This one should be easy to observe as we all want to be seen doing something good. Meaning? Yeah, I did this right. We want to be seen winning the National Spelling Bee so we can be recognized. So, we can tell everybody how well we did. However, we don’t want to see the opposite end of the wave. We don’t run around telling everyone that we bombed out of the National Spelling Bee. In essence, we create all kinds of resistance, even denial, about the very thing that we’re participating in.

As an example, if you bombed out of the National Spelling Bee you might lie that you had a cold. Whatever it is that would be to excuse you being accountable for not being the champion. The entire world is in a state of resistance and it hasn’t been a few month or a few years, but decades resisting our role in climate change. I recently posted something on social media that was a wonderful picture of a Seahorse attached or connected with his tail to someone who thrown out a surgical mask.

You know, the same kind used to prevent spreading and catching the C–19 virus. My question is, why should nature suffer because of our resistance?

Do you remember the documentary called Blackfish? Sea World, a huge corporation, denied that keeping whales in captivity was killing the mammals. They resisted this observation, because of course the whales were a predominant attraction in the same way, in the same way that elephants were in the Ringling Brothers Circus. The documentary, Black Fish was extremely unpopular in the entertainment world, especially Sea World.

And guess what? Sea World created a lot of resistance to the documentary calling it false, since they didn’t want children seeing their whales as sick or dying. Nobody wants that. And yet guess what? You don’t see those whales in Sea World anymore because of the documentary.

There was resistance initially that we do something wrong when British Petroleum’s oil spill happened on the drilling rig, Deep Water Horizon. There was resistance, about whether the oil spill was significant. It was huge! Another example of pragmatic resistance.

When a writer, or anybody in the creative field, won’t express themselves because they fear that they may not be liked. We see that with journalists, and they’re not necessarily trying to write creatively. I would hope not anyway. They’re interested in offering us the facts, or that’s the way it used to be reported.

So, why are these states of resistance so popular again? Why is it that we even biologically learn or somehow develop this attribute of lying so early? There is a part of us that is in resistance and has always been resistance and yet if we don’t recognize that within ourselves and we’re going to be forever stuck, and I say stuck in terms of dormant.

And if we say really stuck, that means not awake. And of course, if you’re not awake, then you can’t go forward by any means. You don’t even know that you’re not awake. Of course, that means that you then lend yourself to the ears of things that would be audacious lies and whether they’re from the political world or otherwise. But giving yourself the opportunity to step away from resistance is done first acknowledging that you and I both do it. Not just a little bit, but all the time and let’s be candid about that.

If we’re in a state of resistance, then we want to feel it. Okay. I can feel my resistance to the idea that someone is asking me to do something on a television set or in the work environment or in my personal relationship, or maybe even a driving habit. I’ve seen people ride the brakes of their car because they’re trying to protect themselves all the time. And you can see it, when you drive behind them because you always see those red lights popping on and you can’t quite figure out what’s going on. Until you realize that they’re riding the brake.

They’re in a state of resistance. They’re stopping the flow from going forward. So, if this is you and not just because you drive like that, because most of this don’t. But we want to see that the state of resistance isn’t allowing you to become aware, literally, that’s something you should really feel, because in the very beginning, for myself, when I became aware, I was in a huge state of resistance from the start. And of course, this is all conditioned upon us as a biological being.

And yet we want to honor that, and at the same time, not necessarily accepted as reality. That’s the challenge and the change we need to make in this moment. If we give ourselves permission to really see that we don’t have to be in state of resistance, then you can feel and integrate as one within yourself and the Divine and the Universe –assuming you’re not resistant. Another way of saying it been said in different philosophies where someone’s not attached, and that’s not easy.

Let me give you another example. If I have made a reservation to go into a very nice restaurant and I’m very excited to have my table. Suddenly that table isn’t made available to me, it would be to some degree natural, right, that I might have a form of resistance to the restaurant not honoring my reservation.

This very thing was done on the sitcom Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld did this years ago, did an episode stand about going to a rental car counter, saying that he had reserved a car only find out that the car wasn’t available. “We don’t have any cars.”

And of course, there’s resistance. It’s reasonable to think that there must available if you’ve made a reservation with the rental car company. It’s funny, but if it’s happened to you, then it’s not so funny. We see that in every aspect of our lives. I’m being pragmatic with some of these examples because I want you to see how we do create resistance in our lives.

But it becomes even more shadowy or even gray when we don’t see the kind of resistance that we create spiritually. And that’s really the essence of why I want to share them.

Otherwise, we’re again struggling. I don’t want to struggle anymore. That’s me. Perhaps that’s you as well. And we don’t have to struggle anymore if we’re not resistant.

So how can we get into the flow? Well, that’s easier than you think. First, we have to see if we’re feeling resistance to anything. That would mean any change to the tax code or a change in a relationship.

When we change the way we feel, the way that we want to engage in society about not resisting then we’re open to the flow. Now, not all changes are necessarily to our benefit. And we should know that. And we do. And we don’t have to be in a resistance to that understanding as much as we just want to feel that and say; “Okay, that’s not necessarily the perfected flow, yet.”

Maybe electric cars aren’t necessarily the final solution. Maybe there’s going to be a transition to getting to the real solution. This is kind of transition is something we’ve in other technologies like music. At first, we had the LP record, then a desire to take our make our music mobile we had 8-track tapes. From there; audio tapes. Later, came the CD. And finally, we music as digital files. And all of those steps of transition lead to our linear progress with music publication.

So, if we’re in the midst of a technology change, that isn’t necessarily should say “the solution,” it’s fine. We don’t have to be in resistance to it, because oftentimes these steps take us to the next step. We want to honor that. Sometimes it’s not easy to observe, to know that we’re in the midst of something that’s not necessarily where we want to be. And for those of us who are aware that’s oftentimes the case. But we don’t want to fight that that we’re in process or transition to something that we’re ultimately going to create in balance.

If we’re going to make the changes in our world from a climate perspective, then we can’t wait until 2300 based upon the economy or anything —we can’t. That’s just ridiculous. We have to accept that we are accountable. How could we not be accountable for everything that we’ve been creating?

Then we’re at one with all things, which we are, and we don’t want to be in resistance to the very thing that connects to all things. This means I need to be accountable for those ALL things I’m creating. All of those things that are contributed maybe as pollution, but not maybe as, but truly as pollution.

And of course, if we know anything about climate change, the majority of this individual and global change comes down to how we eat. Most people adhere to the idea that we need to have protein by eating meat. And the idea if we don’t get enough protein, or meat more specifically, then your health is at risk. Of course, you see how this is branded into our minds in the same way that once about a time milk was sold or advertised, that we need to have eight glasses of milk a day!

That’s how I grew up. And I also grew up in a household that had meat excessively. And yet these things affect our bodies. It affects how we perceive. It affects the world and climate change.

The biggest change that we can make to a carbon neutral world is how we eat. (Stop eating meat) And that’s not that hard. So, if we go into the flow not eating meat, instead of thinking that something being taken away from us, then we allow the environment to do what we’ve seen during the pandemic where we suddenly gave it a break.

I’m talking about the animal kingdom. When suddenly you have seen animals moving into the cities because we weren’t encroaching on them. You know, like when drive our cars, trying to look at Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park. When we realize that to be a part of everything, we really need to honor, that resistance. And if we do so, then we can enable ourselves to empowerment. And that’s what we get by removing any state of resistance.

This is an easy thing to do even if we have a lot of patterns that deny or even wanting to be involved in anything that would be opening up. Oftentimes again, we don’t even we are creating resistance in the same way that we pretend when we don’t know we’re lying. But, you know, maybe the going to the dentist isn’t the same as going to Toys-R-Us. And I say that lovingly, meaning we don’t have to be in a state of resistance.

We don’t need to create a Big Lie within ourselves and again, forget the politics and forget where the Big Lie concept came from. Just stay with me and realizing that you and I don’t need to be stuck in the choice to be in resistance any longer. So, if you’re willing to even give this consideration to give it up, consider this affirmation;

I’m no longer resistant to the very being that I am.

See where that affirmation takes you. You see what happens when you let go of resistance.

This is my message, something I want to offer you today. Letting go of the Big Lie. That is what you’ve been hiding and protecting -that you are in resistance. That’s the issue.

Let go of your resistance. Allow yourself to accept and be in a state of gratitude, connected and with one another as we all are in transition to something because we choose to do something greater in service of one another collectively and of course, individually, too. It’s a beautiful thing to realize that we can offer one another love without being resistance.

I should comment on that because most people want love, the most important thing that they can ever create in this realm, to be loved or to be a part of something that’s loving. And yet, I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve seen it from my perspective, offering the many sessions that I have and continue to do so, where people literally put up a wall of resistance to the very thing that they want.

Feel it. If there’s any part of resistance within you, observe it, go back to the affirmation;

I’m no longer resistant to the very being that I am.

There’s no part of you that needs to be in resistance as you go forward, because in this connected state, it will enable you to have what you want in the flow, being present, no longer attached to the past or to the future. This is that message.

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