What Is Precognition?

Get the spiritual meaning to opening your third eye.

There are many different ways to search for spiritual answers and getting direct dialog from channeling can be tremendously inspirational and impactful. That is what this is. Discover true meaning in your spiritual awakening by opening yourself to truth. Specifically, tuning into higher vibrations outside ordinary teaching. In essence, open your heart to learn more about your Higher Self

Regardless of your past, where you’ve come from or where you’re going on your spiritual path, remove any resistance to become more spiritually aware. Within are your answers. The idea that you are separate is a false notion. This is the part of you that is troubled and seeking answers. You may wonder;

  • How can I see?
  • What does it mean when I have a premonition?
  • Isn’t there something more?
  • What do you see in my future?
  • What can I do to spiritually awaken?

In honor of the truth, you are indeed at one with everything. Be true to yourself to get messages from; Source, the Universe, Angels, Souls and Ascended Masters to become awakened. Connect and determine what you feel in expanding your spiritual gifts of precognition.

What can you tell me about precognition?

It is a natural ability, underdeveloped by most people, in their choice to be asleep.

Could you explain what precognition is?

Yes, it’s the ability to see into the future. There are many other words that can also can be used such as; extra sensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance, intuition or foresight. What most people don’t know is that everyone has precognitive abilities. Knowing the future in varying degrees of detail defines precognition.

Understand, anyone can see clairvoyantly. The majority of people don’t want to see the future or use their third eye. This is because most of you don’t want to see what is right before you – let alone the future. Seeing clearly means going beyond a singular perspective. Anyone choosing to see will see —it is also encouraged to go outside the precepts of time. Although this can take some practice, it’s absolutely worth your consideration.

How is precognition different than having a premonition?

This is a great question. Semantically, precognition is in the detail. To see into the future is different than getting a glance. Precognition isn’t just a peek into the future as it is an understanding of how this knowledge relates to yourself and others. There is texture and context to how things are likely to unravel.

As an example of precognition, when you stand before another person to talk, you are exchanging energy as you are words in getting to know them. You see the person, their body and also things not seen by the eyes in the opportunity to touch their soul. This depth of understanding, as it relates to seeing the future, is made available to you through precognition.

Premonition, in the analogy of the physical realm, is a quick look or glance. A premonition is to feel or sense something casually outside any real detail. An example of premonition could be having a general feeling that “it isn’t safe to take this Uber.” When the Uber driver arrives, and if you are a woman, you may hesitate to get in based upon a premonition, or a quick look into the future, that something isn’t safe.

This could be related to the driver’s future intent, energy, anger or the car being involved in an accident. In this premonition you might see a flash of something yet to happen. This is distinctly different than having the details typically associated with precognition. Seeing the future can be very useful to someone who seeks to develop or remember this skill or talent.

Why does precognition occur in our dreams?

When you’re asleep, your mind isn’t blocking or in any state of resistance; therefore, messages of precognition can be more easily received. Additionally in the dream state, the normal association of time is lost while the mind is asleep. This too is advantageous. Lastly, seeing something in advance doesn’t have negative connotations in your dream state. In essence, you are freer to receive.

If you’re interested in using your natural talents of clairvoyance -choose to see. Simple enough, but you must desire or want to see beyond this perception of reality. It’s a required part of this process. Further, seeing the future will also expand your spiritual understanding as a whole in terms of how everything works together.

Does knowing the future help us?

It can. Most of you you seek to know the future especially in having advance warning to a pending event or circumstance. As an example, weather forecasters use changes in the data gathered by precisely released weather balloons to determine observable trends in climate patterns. Forecasters use this process, and many other tools, to become more comfortable in forecasting the future.

The same is true for you in any area of precognition. If you seek to use your extra sensory perception (ESP) to see the future you must develop an understanding of how to use the gift as you would any other tool. This comes through a combination of experience and practice so that you can trust the process. Nothing is absolute about the future predominantly because of the concept of free will choice. This is intended.

To know all outcomes of the future would would deny your common free will choice —to be absent of such gifts or tools — as most of you predetermined before incarnating here. If you seek to implement your psychic gifts then this is done by also incorporating your many other spiritual gifts.

Would else would you share about precognition?

That it is developed. For example, you are personally aware that you experienced a very specific moment as a boy of 11 years old. Do you remember? You were holding your father’s right hand, while your younger brother was holding your father’s left hand as you were walking from the car into a restaurant. Your mom was walking an odd distance behind the three of you.

In a complete picture you saw your parents getting a divorce in the future. This act of clairvoyance was extended to you because you were ready to see and appreciate the truth. While you were quite uncomfortable with the message it was received nonetheless. This natural ability is something that you have always enjoyed.

This is true for some others as well. They should be encouraged to not deny details of the future, even though some people find themselves uncomfortable with such specific knowledge or understanding. These perceptions, and the respective opinions, will always be honored. However, opening up your clear insight is encouraged.

Can you explain in detail how precognition might expand someone’s spiritual gifts?

Using your clairvoyance enables you to appreciate how the Universe is connected. To see in advance of the moment, as you perceive it, provides for further evidence of how everything is one. A concept that far too many don’t realize. To be at one with your insight enables you to study in detail how the component of the future integrates into all.

Using your precognition can be done in a singular occurrence or repeatedly. Discerning the future can be done like seeing how movies are written, shot, edited and produced. As you see the future you may need to revisit the details of the event to properly comprehend that which was presented to you.

Those who have developed the skilled use of their precognition can do so on demand. When you see yourself as an instrument you will do well in grasping the precognition process. To see the details of the future is indeed a gift, a special gift, and one that can be further developed if any are interested.



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