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Why God Can’t Tell Time?

What time is it?  What happens when time changes? How does God keep time?  How does the Universe translate your timely requests and desires?

What is God's Time?

Why can’t God tell time? I can observe components of nature that are perfectly aligned and perfectly timed. Then there’s other times I wonder if God has a watch at all.

This question, why God can’t tell time?, is actually a really important one because of how it impacts our ability to receive more information.

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Episode 073 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: Why God Can’t Tell Time.

Why can’t God tell time? I can observe components of nature that are perfectly aligned and perfectly timed. Then there’s other times I wonder if God has a watch at all. For example, our Earth rotates at roughly 1,000 miles per hour. That’s only true if you live on the equator. If you live, say, 45 degrees up or halfway between the equator and either the North or South poles, then the rotation speed of the Earth actually slows to about 733 miles per hour. How do I know? I didn’t, that is, until I looked it up at the website called space.com, where you can check the numbers, too. But this spinning ball of ours called Earth, is actually traveling in an orbit around the sun at 66,600 miles per hour. Let’s take the 66,600 miles per hour that the Earth is moving in orbit around the sun and appreciate that the universe seems to be very exact in keeping this Earth spinning at roughly 1,000 miles per hour. So my My question is, if the universe can keep this one planet spinning and traveling with such perfect accuracy, then why can’t God tell time? I ask this because as a spiritual channel, I’ve shared dates and times, some of which seem to be esoterically and metaphysically perfectly accurate.

While at other times, it seems that I’ve either misrepresented the spiritual information provided to me or the Universe is broadcasting the wrong time for specific events. This question, why God can’t tell time?, is actually a really important one because of how it impacts our ability to receive more information. Let me offer you some specific examples to contemplate. Once, I was channeling in a session for a woman, and I told her that she would have twins within a very specific time frame. As soon as I finished channeling, the woman started to laugh. I asked, Why are you laughing? She said, “…I’m not even dating. So, how in the world am I going to have twins in the time frame that you’ve spoken of?”

In another example, I was offering a couple’s session for two partners concurrently at the same time. The romantic pair who had called me, among other things, wondered if his drug addiction was in remission because he had just successfully completed a very long drug rehabilitation program. I channeled the answer, “No. You’ll actually be dead in about three months. I added.”

Let’s be clear, I don’t share this channeled information lightly without being very, very clear. I’m called what you might reference as a clear channel. This means I will share whatever based upon you, the participant’s desire to have this information shared. This means any and all information. But again, with one caveat, only if I have your permission.

I actually asked this couple, three times, “Are you sure you want to hear the truth?” Totally shocked by my answer. This once addicted spouse said, “This can’t be true. I’m doing so well, and I’ve just completed everything successfully at the rehab clinic, and I’ve been sober for X months.” I remained quiet. The man continued to talk nervously, as if to convince himself and his partner that he was indeed doing okay.

In both of the examples, it came to pass in the very exact nature in which I had channeled. The woman who wasn’t yet dating, fell in love, married, and yes, she had twins. And as I had foreseen with the couple, the woman reached out to me about six months after her partner’s death to confirm the accuracy of the timing of what I had shared.

However, what do we do with the flip side of the coin?

In another example, I was channeling for a woman who wanted to meet her future partner. At the time, she too wasn’t dating, but she wanted to find her soulmate. I shared details about her future soulmate and how he would arrive. To be totally transparent, the time frame in which I channeled that the guy would physically show up was almost six months off. Further, when the two did meet, the man, a doctor, suddenly quit his practice and moved out of the area. The woman I had channeled for was devastated on two accounts. One, that her soulmate showed up six months late, and two, that he didn’t stay to complete what was otherwise a wonderful romantic connection. In essence, it could easily appear that either Source can’t keep time or I’m off.

I take what I do really seriously, and I bet when you ask for direct spiritual guidance and direction, you do too. Maybe you’ve personally tuned in and received a spiritual message with a specific time frame, only to watch the forthcoming event come and go. It can make you question your ability to tune in and receive spiritual information accurately and this result can, of course, wreck havoc on your confidence.

You may then question if you’re receiving spiritual information accurately, and you too may question yourself if you are indeed getting the right time frame when, spiritually, it’s given to you associated with the message.

In summary, you may question, “Why can’t God keep time?” For a laugh, you may think that the universal watch is different than the one that you wear on your wrist, and you’d really be totally right about that. Some people have even coined the phrase in God’s time. This phrase is commonly used to describe the misalignment of someone’s expected time frame compared to that of Source. The phrase, “In God’s time,” works in this circumstance, but perhaps there’s more to understand.

Some of what I have to say, you may find comfort knowing, while other parts of what I have to say may be not so easy to understand. If you don’t mind, let me start with the hard part first. Time isn’t real. Well, you may have heard that before, but because you’re so immersed with the concept of time, you may not really get it. You’ve been taught that everything has a beginning and an end. This is why spiritual concepts such as eternal can’t be properly processed by any mind that believes in a start and a stop.

Even on Earth, time isn’t real. Depending on where you are, the time is always different, isn’t it? My talking to someone in London is eight hours later than Pacific Coast time. Anyone speaking from the East Coast to the West Coast is separated by three hours. And watch this. If you’re on the Navajo Indian reservation, it’s an hour later than being at the Grand Canyon within the same state of Arizona. So if you asked Spirit, what time your daughter-in-law will have her baby, how should spirit answer the question? Should they use London time, Pacific Coast time, East Coast time, or the time in Arizona at the Grand Canyon, or the different time in Arizona on the Navajo reservation?

Well, to be clear, we need to go back to the part where I said that time isn’t real. This could be the reason that our asking spirit time-based questions, well, it could be difficult for them to answer, right? I want you to imagine being in these spiritual ethers where time doesn’t exist. Then you’re trying to communicate to someone incarnated on Earth when you don’t, in fact, use time as a reference point. This is a dilemma, isn’t it?

How can Source in the Universe be so exact with our spinning Earth, traveling through orbit and spinning on its axis? And yet we also need to have accuracy of this same kind, and we use that for such things as atomic time- which we consider to be one of the most accurate means of describing time. Again, a beginning and an end.

And when we go to ask Source something for the future in terms of forecasting a time, how can we incorporate all of this? Before we go any further, let me share with you something about atomic time. Basically, atomic time is a means of measuring time based upon atomic oscillations. Time is based on oscillations or movement. That makes sense in our seemingly ever moving dynamic. This means that we are so used to movement that we really don’t know what it is to remain still. Your senses are all geared towards movement. Same as mine are. You won’t actually see something unless it moves. This is the way that our brain is wired. There’s just too much information. If it’s not moving, we’re very likely not to see it, or better stated, we’re not actually able to pay attention.

What does this have to do with time? Well, let me share something super significant with you. Source isn’t moving. This is, again, why you hear words such as Creator, Source, God, Eternal, because all in all, these descriptive terms state the same thing. I’m the beginning and the end, or I’m the Alpha and the Omega.

Let me make this a little simpler, or it could get a little bit more complicated. You’ll tell me, let’s suppose for a moment that you’re traveling on a plane. Let’s make it easy. Say you’re traveling on a plane from Los Angeles to London. The time difference between the two locations is eight hours. Yet, the actual flying time from LA to London is eleven and a half hours. So what if we asked Source about your daughter-in-law’s due date in terms of the delivery date and time while traveling on the plane? How should Source answer your question? If you were flying from LA to London, you would have to add an hour to your watch every 1 hour and 26 minutes to be accurate with your time. But again, remember, the flying time from LA to London is 11 and a half hours.

This is why you’d have to reset your watch right an hour and every 26 minutes to make those adjustments as you went through the trip. It could be easily said that you’ve lost time during this flight, but then someone may say, “Well, you’re going to get the time back when you come back from London to LA, -right?” But what if you don’t fly back?

And again, my question is, with all of this complication or simplicity, how should Spirit answer your time-based questions? Well, as you can see, it appears to be complicated, and we can appreciate why someone would coin the adage in God’s time. But what we’re really after is clarity. Clarity in terms of time, if it’s to be presented, and clarity as to the message being received, right? You being right is often associated with time. Right or correct, spiritually, I mean.

This is my specific purpose in talking to you about why God can’t keep time. It’s because there’s a common thought that if you don’t get time correctly, then with all the other spiritual information that you might receive, it may be invalid. And that’s a problem, right? There have been many times that I’ve tuned into the stock market, and the stock market is always moving, right?

And I’ve asked if a stock or the market in general will move in a certain direction and by how much and when. The last part of this question incorporates time. There are times, pun intended, where I have been exceedingly accurate, and other times I wonder if I’m even close to the dartboard. I’m sharing all this because the more you come down the path of using your intuition and tuning in regularly, you’re going to hit this challenge. Even if you’re relying on a resource such as myself as the clear channel that I am, this may assist you as to why there can be changes in time frames that are shared with you. This isn’t at all a cop-out or an excuse. Like I said in the beginning, I take spiritual channeling very seriously. And as you tune in spiritually, then you will absolutely be challenged from time to time, pun intended, as you relay information for yourself or others.

So let me address something else that’s equally important. When asking any question at any time from any location. This means whether you’re on a train, bicycle, or even a spaceship, there’s something else to consider.

You’re moving. Actually, I’d like to rephrase that. You think that you’re moving. Even if you’re standing still on the equator, we know that you’re spending at the rate of about 1,000 miles per hour while traveling in orbit at 66,600 miles per hour. In this illusion of movement, any picture, any snap of a camera that you take is only going to be a fragment of the actual movement. I’m going to try and keep this part really simple. Any question that you have is going to be moving. It’s like taking a picture, just one picture, while spinning again at 1,000 miles per hour and traveling in an orbit at 66,600 miles per hour. It’s only going to give you a tiny fragment of the whole. And that’s just in this dimension.

Do you get it? The challenge or the dilemma? When we ask questions of Source in this perception of all this movement, then we, if we’re perfectly accurate, are only getting a fragment of the whole. So you may wonder how we can address only getting a fragment based upon these conditions. And the answer really isn’t so hard. You’re actually encouraged to ask Source lots and lots of questions.

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The reason I want to share with you this Secrets of Free Writing online course is because it really, really does help you address your questions.

Continuing with our podcast, Why God Can’t Tell Time. To be perfectly fair with you, in consideration of the couple that I was giving a couple’s session to, spirit could have easily just addressed that question if he was to complete rehab successfully as “no.” Source didn’t have to say to this individual that he would have another relapse and die within the three-month time frame.

Now, if you’re anything like me, again, you don’t share a message just like this without being absolutely sure. So I’m sharing with you what I’ve been taught spiritually for decades. I ask lots and lots and lots of questions. Here’s what I know. The more questions that you ask, the better.

Further, the Universe is wonderfully consistent in answering your questions. You may find slightly different changes or movements with the answers to your questions, but you’ll generally find there’s something consistent, unless something magical has changed in the playing field.

Let me give you another example. I was asked by a client this question, “Will I go to jail?” I answered, “Yes, definitively, period.” Months later, the same person called me for another private session, and he asks me the same question, surrounding the same event, the question being, “Will I go to jail?”

This time, I channeled the answer, “no.” Immediately after my channeled response, I inquired of the person I was facilitating, and I asked, “Did something change?” The person responded that a dramatic change had taken place, and the final result was that he physically wasn’t going to serve jail time. This, too, is something that you must address in getting information from Source.

I have offered specific scenarios of forthcoming future events, only to have that information seemingly be mistimed. In another really personal example, a close friend of mine once asked me if she had cancer again. In that case, I did offer her affirmatively that, “Yes, she did.” I gave her an exact time frame in which she had to live. But when the time frame proved to be wrong, and what I mean by that, it didn’t happen within the time frame that I had shared, I felt really disturbed that I might have miscommunicated or offered her some misinformation And certainly, I would never want to offer anybody any fear.

I knew that what I had heard was correct and that I had delivered it to her in the exact same way that had been given to me. But my friend was still living. So I was trying to reach out to my friend to explain what I had heard and that maybe I had heard something in there with regards to the timing. In essence, I was hoping that my spiritual sharing wasn’t creating any separation in our friendship. Or even more importantly, I wanted to convey that my spiritual channeling hopefully hadn’t set her back in any way.

But my friend wrote me back very lovingly, stating that the truth of what I had shared put her into a space of wanting to take action, real action, to create a different outcome than what I had forecasted. She wrote me a very heartfelt letter stating that she knew that my sharing would be difficult. But this is why she also turned often to me in such pivotal times in her life because she also knew that I would share the truth.

She went on in her correspondence to state that she wanted to live and that she took the channeled message that I had to her and the time frame, and she put all of her focus and energy, into changing the outcome that I had foretold. I was only too happy to be wrong, but it was only a short few months later that the timeline that I had offered, just a little bit beyond it, that she did pass. In essence, the time frame that I had channeled was used by my friend to create a different an outcome. She used it to extend her life.

I’ve seen it go much, much further than this. I’ve channeled information with, again, a very specific timeline to see the timeline change based upon the truth of what was shared and someone using it to their empowerment to change the future, their future, in a different way.

I know that you know that you have the ability to change the future, but not everything is negotiable, as not determined by me, of course, but by your own Higher Self and your Soul and the things that you want to create in this domain, this plane. Sometimes, some of the biggest life changes are made when we’re seemingly really pushed into a corner and we receive spiritual information that we might perceive to be not desired or good. But we use the information to empower ourselves to a different outcome.

Have you ever considered that this might be the proper meaning of in God’s time?

In summary, I don’t think there’s an issue with the Universe or Source in keeping balance or accurate time. Certainly, I do think there is plenty of room for you and I to continue to keep a constant ear and a vigilant in eye to what source and spirit is sharing with us. If there’s one thing and one thing only that you might glean from this podcast, and that is if you’ve ever wondered about receiving information accurately from source, then I’d suggest that you ask a lot of questions. In fact, the more questions that you ask that you’re comfortable with, the better.

Because the entire process is about connecting. And isn’t that connection even more important than what time it is? Specifically, practicing the process of spiritually connecting in truth and consistency. If you practice this, it will show you the way. There are times that your ego may be very excited that you were offered information that was perfectly timed. And there may be times and times when you could be offered something that is totally off.

Again, I totally suggest that you listen, see, and feel to what’s being shown. And I know of no better way than to ask ask lots of questions. Think of yourself being like a child who wants to know the truth. Any time-related issues will definitely sort themselves out without you having to worry about it.









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