5 Reasons Why You Die In Your Dreams

What does it mean to die in my dreams?

Imagine being the President of United States of America and awakening to this dream.

“Last night, I heard mournful noises coming from someplace. I dreamed of seeing an elevated casket on wheels. I could see the body with the face covered and a funeral taking place in the East Room of the White House. In my dream, I asked the serviceman stationed next to the casket, ‘Who’s dead?’ The saddened soldier replied dutifully, ‘POTUS was killed by an assassin.’

Then, as the President, I heard a sudden grief come from the crowd. I immediately woke up from my dream unable to sleep again for the rest of the night. And while it was just a dream, I felt strangely bothered by it.”

This is a true historical account by Abraham Lincoln three days BEFORE he was assassinated.

I wanted to present this example first, because “no” it’s not true that every dream you have will be a premonition of your death. Generally speaking most people don’t die in their dreams. Maybe I should reword this, in the dream state death doesn’t often get actualized. Sometimes it does but much of the time it doesn’t.

Allow me to explain this further. Dreams of death commonly mean something is dying. This could be a relationship. A set of beliefs or even a job that has come to an end and more.

1. The Death of Your Job

In terms of your occupation, it’s quite common that you identify yourself in terms of what you do. When you go to a party and meet someone new, usually the first question after the exchange of names is, what do you do? It’s normal but then again it isn’t. You are much more than you what you do.

If you’ve ever been fired from a job it feels personal. If this is because of lackluster job performance there is a correlation but what if you about being let go because of a change within the company you work for? Same thing, you’re likely to like something happened to you.

2. Some Part of You is Dying

You may be facing the edge of a belief that no longer is true for you. In the old movie, The Truman Show, Jim Carrey’s character Truman in the final scene almost died at sea to step away from the dream of his fictional world. When beliefs no longer serve you sometimes they need to die. Your dreams can present the drama and conflict that some part of you has to die. Perhaps it’s a belief.

When deep rooted beliefs begin to shift it can feel like you’re dying. Once I remember feeling like I was holding a very very large mirror that I dropped from a balcony several stories up. When it hit the ground the mirror shattered so significantly that most of the debris was powder. In essence, there was no putting the mirror back together.

The mirror was my reflection and I remember going to the ground thinking if I did want to put the pieces back together could I? This was the reason for the high impact. It did feel like a death and it was exceedingly uncomfortable. I didn’t die but some very strong beliefs of mine did.

3. The Death of a Relationship

Your relationship is very private. There are relationships that “run their course” and as such yours could be dying or perhaps it’s already dead. If getting fired from a a job is personal then a breakup is even more intimate. In your dream state, the environment in which you die or the means in which your death is being seen can be very telling to what’s happening in your intimate relationship.

Like our jobs, we see our relationships as extensions of who we are. And as a result, there can be enormous energy to protect them or pretend that the relationship is still growing and expanding when it’s flat or declining. Dreams where you die because of being stabbed in the heart or that you bleed out can have everything to do with a heart break. Certainly, heart attacks fall perfectly into this category.

4. I’d Rather Die for

Dreams of death for your country or other values, partners, children or people whom you love are signs of how strongly you feel in their protection. To die for your cause is to die for the belief for which it stands. Dying in a dream in this way isn’t a sacrifice as much as it is for something bigger than your individual life. The same is true in your desire to “trade” your life for another.

In dreams you may see flags, teddy bears, which may be signs that symbolizes something you’re dying for. A man who dreams of dying on the operating table giving his best friend a kidney is dying because of the love he has for his friend. Folded American flags, the kind you see presented to a spouse at a military graveside funeral may symbolize a death in the line of duty. Dying for another is considered a heroic act but it’s not actually your death. You’re dying for something…

5. Premonitions of Death

We started here and we must end here, pun intended. It is possible to see your death when you’re ready to see it. Most people avoid talking about death, so seeing your death can be a spiritual notification that it’s getting time. This can be as clear as hearing London’s Big Ben ringing twelve times right before you wake up. Premonitions of death also can be a warning to act.

A young woman may dream of her death to suddenly become aware that she hasn’t felt right for some time. The disturbing dream pushes her to go visit her doctor that she’s been avoiding. Physically, the physician may say, “We found a lump in your left breast and If you’d waited another couple of weeks there wouldn’t have been anything that we could have done.”

Dreams of this type are warnings that death is imminent, conditioned upon your not taking certain courses of action. You may dream of taking a train from Pennsylvania station in New York City to Ronkonkoma as your destination only to feel that every time the train stops you should get off. Dreams like these are repeated every time the train doors open especially if the whole dream loops or repeats itself until the warning is delivered, get up and get out.

These five ways reasons of why you might dream about death hardly scratch the surface. If you want to get further information about your dreams consider a personal session. Write down your dreams and your questions to get exact information about what you’re trying to tell yourself in the dream state. Your dreams are always going to be important and the ones where you brush with death should always get your attention, especially if you actually die in the dreams.

Dreams should never be something to be afraid of as they are a wonderful gateway into the unconscious. With a little practice you can use your dreams to see a lot about yourself and what you are wanting to see, do or change. Remember death in your dreams usually is a strong message so pay attention. Allow yourself to really feel the true message of the dream. Death isn’t always your death in the dream state.