Are Flying Dreams REAL?

Discover the meaning of flying in your dreams.

Laying in the pre-dawn darkness I replayed the details of the dream I had just awakened from. Was it only a dream, I wondered? It was so vivid, and so real. This wasn’t the first time I had a dream I was flying.

What Do Flying Dreams Mean?

If you’ve had flying dreams you might be wondering:

As I arrived at work, still deeply distracted by last night’s dreams of flying. I was having a hard time being in the present moment. But I couldn’t get my mind off how real it felt when I dreamed of flying. The office was just another commercial building in a southern California industrial park.

Walking past the receptionist desk the office area opened to a small mass of gray cubicles. In the center of the cubicles was a narrow space where the Xerox copier was parked. On the outer edges of administration were a few doors and respective offices that allowed for private conversation. There were no windows, and thus no natural light into any part of the building including the esteemed offices with doors.

The sounds of the front office were always greatest around Big Bertha the Xerox machine. She would throw amber-green light to the ceiling in a noisy display of power that could be heard and seen throughout the whole office. Right in the midst of the company, people would queue up for their turn to copy, distribute or pick up mail in the adjacent mail bins. In the animal kingdom this area would have be labeled as a “natural herding place.”

Do You Fly in Your Dreams?

It was here, in the center of the office area when the co-worker who had also been in my dream walked up to make some copies. I glanced at her and blurted out, “Do you fly?” In hindsight, perhaps she might have interpreted my comment as an invitation to party, yet my thoughts were simply on my dream from the previous night. The sharp administrative assistant looked at me with a confused expression, so I quickly added “I mean… do you fly in your dreams?” With a smile, and some embarrassment she turned red looked down and said “I don’t know. Do you?”

“Yes,” I responded confidently, “and you were in my dreams last night.” For the next couple of minutes, I went into the details of what I could remember, what I had done, and what parts she had participated in. Finishing the small-talk and my copying, I had returned to my office.

Do You Really Think Flying Dreams Are Real?

I heard a knock on my door. “Come in,” I said while adjusting my seat and looking up. To my surprise the husband of the co-worker who I had been talking to at the copier was now sitting in one of the chairs before my desk. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” he said. “Sure” I responded.
“Man, you’ve got guts!” he said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked curiously.

“You know… that conversation that you just had with my wife at the copier… the whole office is talking about it.”

“Talking about what?”

“Well, you know… the dream you had about flying…. Man, that’s way out there and to be talking about flying with my wife… well you know…”

Immediately starting to understand the many possible perceptions and interpretations of my conversation I started to say “It was never my…”
“I know… I know… I’m not worried about my wife. But wow! You really let it all fly,” he said laughingly. Then immediately turned serious and said “Do you really think that you can fly?”

Now becoming embarrassed, I said, “Yes… well in my dreams I can fly, and it feels so real.”

The stocky man smiled and stood up walking for the door, “As conservative as you seem to be, you are way out there. Next time you go flying,” he chuckled, “maybe you’ll want to be a little more discrete about where you tell your stories.” Then with his hand on the door knob, he muttered to himself in a soft tone, “Right there in the middle of the office at the Xerox machine. Man, this guy’s got guts!”

As he exited my office and the door shut behind him, I wondered sheepishly what I had done. My thoughts turned inward, “should I take it back? It’s too late. What kind of ‘damage control’ could be implemented?” It wasn’t the kind of topic you wrote in an office memo. I’ll just let it die, I said to myself, resolving inwardly that this would be the best solution.

Why You Fly in Your Dreams?

The top two reasons for flying in your dreams is to set yourself free or to escape. That said, there are many other details that can be shown to you by flying in your dreams. Keeping it simple, dreams of flying can take you to new perspectives. New understandings. And even offer you a viewpoint for better choices.

Flying dreams of escape are usually when you’re running away from something, or someone, and you run and take flight. There’s a sense of relief in getting away from the person, the crowd, or even the energy or confrontation. Usually, it feels incredibly good to get away. But dreams of flying can make it easy to escape without completely addressing the problem or the situation.

Top Four Causes of Flying Dreams

  • Food
  • Medication
  • Stress
  • Spiritual enlightenment

Some people believe that eating certain kinds of foods will enhance your dreams. Certainly, dreams can be stimulated by medication, coffee or tea, and certainly stress. When stress gets really heavy who doesn’t want to fly away. Then there’s the spiritual element.

Flying to gain spiritual enlightenment illustrates your longing for something more. Maybe commuting to work, sitting in a cubicle isn’t enough for you. In such cases, flying in your dreams is going to offer you a pathway to something higher. A spiritual connection.

Dreams of Flying Aren’t That Common

Everyone is interested in measuring the norm. And measuring your flying dreams isn’t any different. According to “Frequency and nature of flying dreams in a long dream series” less 2% actually fly.

Perhaps Flying In Dreams Is A Gateway To Dream Travel

In the beginning, I really wondered what all this meant, and initially, after my Xerox machine incident, I tended to be a little more guarded of whom I opened up to. Yet, I wondered, is going out-of-body the same as flying? In essence, what does flying in your dreams mean?

Dreams of flying of course represent setting yourself free. The weight of your responsibilities even your relationships sometimes can feel heavy. Flying dreams are a great symbolic statement of being free. But not all flying dreams are the same.

Sometimes you may take flight in your dreams to get away from something or to escape. These kinds of dreams mean that you’re avoiding something and flying away in your dream state may or may not be the final answer. Then there are flying dreams where you actually fly with someone else.

Actually, I’ve been flying since I was a small boy. Flying always felt more real than just dreams of flying, so sometimes I would share my experiences at the breakfast table stating where I had gone and what happened during the night. I remember the same contentious smirks that I later found looking at me in the office place in my story.

Now, I know that these experiences are more than just flights of fantasy. In my childhood, it was hard work to fly. There were obstacles to overcome not the least of which was gravity.

Now, sensations of flying are effortless, as it is no longer necessary for me to force aspects of this physical reality into flying. “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye…we shall be changed” states a Biblical account in reference to the soul’s return after death. But are we really limited to the mortality of our bodies or can we fly now? Let’s see. At the very least flying can be interpreted as a symbol of personal freedom. So, if that’s more comfortable, come forward using this definition. In truth, it’s all the same. When you step into your truth in this lifetime, it is like flying.

Ask anyone who flies, spiritually inclined or not, and the words tend to be the same. “I feel so free. It’s so easy. I don’t feel like I’m working yet I get paid very well for doing something that I would do for free!” Those who fly physically, people who are airline pilots, stewards and stewardesses, often do so desiring the feelings of flight. But again, do we need to be on a plane, or dead, to fly? Not unless you want to.

Flying, in whatever way you want to describe it, is a natural part of your being. If you don’t remember your dreams, let alone the feelings of flying, consider all the other hints of this existence around you. Why is it that kids believe they can fly? Why the fascination with flying; in Peter Pan, the Matrix, Superman, with stories of Fairies or Angels? Are we destined to fly? Absolutely!

Do You Want To Fly?

Consider this rather famous incident of flying. A sixteen-year-old was fascinated by light and dreams about light travel. In his own way, he went “out-of-body” traveling with the light in search of it’s meaning in reference to the universe. After coming back into his body, he spent the next five years in the preparation of documents describing his experience, and presented the world with the “Theory of Relativity.” Perhaps, Albert Einstein showed greater wisdom than I had by preparing his announcement ahead of time before sharing it at the copy machine. Needless to say, Einstein flew.

Also consider other dreamers who created flying contraptions built many years later called helicopters. Maybe Leonardo Da Vinci needed help from the gravitational pull that I too worked so hard to avoid as a child.

Editor’s note: I personally take pleasure in the semantics used by different groups to describe the same experience. Scientists call flying of this kind “thought experiment.” New-Ager’s use the term “out-of-body”, while kids simply call it what it is – flying.

Flying is a part of your destiny. Incorporate it now and find out more about your true self in consideration of all the possibilities you have come here to create. It’s more than possible –it’s real.

Open yourself to fly and find out where you can go. Put away the dominating part of your shell and its control that prevents you from experiencing these truly awesome experiences. If you are grossly concerned about what will happen, realize that you won’t go anywhere that you don’t want to go.

Realize your dreams by allowing yourself to truly fly.



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