What are things you believe in?

Everything about you screams what you believe. If you don’t think so, think again. Imagine sitting across from someone and not saying or doing anything. What do see about their beliefs? Perhaps, you’ve been too busy broadcasting your own beliefs to realize that you’re not listening to others. It’s normal but it doesn’t have to be.

In the advertising world, the message is always the same, “buy me.” Interestingly, many of us are actually unaware that we are in fact transmitting the same buy me solicitation. We want so desperately to be accepted, loved and appreciated that we’d do anything. So we develop beliefs to advertise them, consciously or not, to attract others to substantiate our views.

The Truth About Beliefs

Our beliefs are constructed from the root up. These values represent the very core of who we are and what we stand for. Then, by choice, they become our identity. Next, we create groups of others, who share our beliefs, so that we can feel safe.

Prepare yourself, for everything that you believe, is just that – a belief. Yes, you may think that they are real. Further, you may think they’re important, and that you’d even be willing to die for them. But in the end, it’s just what it is, a belief.

It can be shocking to know, your beliefs are many times more important than logic or reality. Interestingly, your brain doesn’t care what you believe but it does offer marching orders to support your ideals. In fact, your mind looks for evidence to reinforce your values and beliefs. The more citations and consensus that it gets, the better you feel. This is an interesting paradox.

You might think that you’d naturally feel good about your beliefs, just as they are, but rarely is this the case. This is why they need to be sold to appeal to others of like mind, and why you might stay clear of those who don’t agree. It’s an interesting concept. To illustrate, imagine every seed on a farm as a separate belief.

Look Beyond Your Beliefs

In biological terms, only the strong survive. In genetic terms (i.e. DNA and what traits present themselves) the seeds with dominant genes rule. This means that strength, in whatever form, is vital to survival. This is analogous to beliefs.
This concept is summarized as, beliefs that are broadcast the loudest, rule as the strongest. Silly, actually. Especially, since beliefs aren’t real. It gets worse, if beliefs are your identity.

Seeing past your beliefs is only for the brave. You are guaranteed to be humbled in appreciation of what you thought to be true – isn’t true. Perhaps, you might think the whole idea of seeing past your beliefs is crazy, like the first explorers who first climbed Mount Everest -and you wouldn’t be the only one. There’s only one reason why you’d come down this road less traveled searching for the truth and it’s not to just discover another belief.