Are your beliefs limiting you?

A well dressed middle-aged man and his very young companion knocked on my door recently asking if they could read me a Bible passage. Inviting someone to sample their product is a common method used in sales. This is always followed up with questions intended to close the sale. However, this type of solicitor is unique because they aren’t interested in listening. In my own family, my son said to me during his teenage years, “Dad, it’s either your way or the highway.” I got the point.

There is no argument that in the past I’ve participated in selling my beliefs door-to-door. Not literally, but figuratively, when I shared an idea with no intention of being open to others. In truth, salesmen of this kind fear their values, products or services are in danger of being exposed or even overturned.

In history, there are endless examples of people being put to death for having ideas that didn’t conform. Churches have killed scientists, artists and village people for their non-conforming beliefs. Not much has changed through time, as most people today still protect their beliefs.

Beliefs Are Not Facts

It’s as if beliefs should never be challenged. In every discipline of science, which almost everyone seems to support, a belief or theorem is presented with the intention of proving it wrong. Once a belief can stand in spite of all the “persecution” then it is renamed a proof, law or “truth.” It’s wild to observe that some people introduce beliefs with no discussion while others openly invite it.

Channeling can be a real challenge to your beliefs. Unlike any proselytizing of a belief, pure channeling is without opinion or position. Instead, it’s an invitation to knowledge of the highest kind. Channeling isn’t genuine unless it’s in truth. Truth is a scary word today because most associate it with a perspective.

As has been shared in a previous article, truth is. Truth is a concept that doesn’t change over time. Unlike science where even laws are occasionally overturned when they can be proven wrong, truth of the highest magnitude is eternal.

Seeking Truth 

Some years ago, the president of a company in California, asked me to channel for him privately in his office. It was made clear before the appointment that I wasn’t to share with anyone the nature of my visit and to honor his strong preference that our meeting be held in utmost privacy. Respecting his wishes and not physically knowing the nature of our meeting, I began his private session in the formality of his large and comfortable office.

The information the executive sought wasn’t about making more money or getting further direction for his business, it was much more personal. His little girl was sick. His daughter’s ailments were serious and the diagnoses by the Doctors gave little hope. Even though this executive’s religious views didn’t approve of what I did, there I sat. He was desperate for answers.

I channeled the truth concerning the man’s little girl. I also shared that his marriage might also fail as result of the guilt and stress he and his wife were carrying. He listened, asked questions and cried. He had opened himself to something he wasn’t supposed to.

The demeanor of the meeting had changed. At the beginning of our appointment a quick handshake had been extended and now at its conclusion I held a man in a tight embrace as his tears flowed. He had been touched by truth.

Before my leaving he looked up and said, “There is no amount of money that compensates you for what you do.” I smiled in honor of his appreciation and silently dropped my head. Moments later I sat alone in the parking lot of my car also crying in honor of my gifts that opened me up to something I wasn’t supposed to.