The Gift of humanity

How did we get here?

For thousands and thousands of year’s man has been living on a spinning blue ball that circles the sun.  Yet, even in the 21st century we still can’t address; why, what or how we got here.  It’s ironic that most six-year olds can tell you where they live but we can’t in turn tell our children how we collectively came to be. There are stories, traditions and beliefs but those substitutes are not quite the same as a real answer.

Theories to consider

Since the beginning there have been theories and ideas about our existence but the truth is missing.  We have gathered some scientific information; The Earth is the third planet of eight. (Pluto is no longer classified as a planet.)  The Earth spins on it’s axis at 1,000 mph and also orbits the Sun at 67,000 mph.  And our entire Milky Way galaxy is drifting through space. All of this is nice but none of it offers us even a basic explanation of why, what, how and where we humans are “drifting.”   What we do know is that we are just beginning to release the need to be the center of everything.

For more than one thousand years man believed the Earth was the center of the Universe.  Around 1543 AD Copernicus shocked humanity in publishing his heliocentric theory that stated the Sun was the real center.  Today, we don’t know if the Universe even has a center.

Let’s put aside all the myths and theories to correctly observe one thing –we are still here.  This is an amazing accomplishment in light of man’s long history of hurting or killing one another.  Somehow, peace on Earth has prevailed or at least well enough of it for humanity to survive.

Pure Luck

Is this accidental? Maybe the entire human race is lucky?  A keen sense of observation seems to indicate otherwise.  There appears to be an unseen force that continues to unify us in spite of our past violence toward one another.  The fact that we are still here stumbling along not having destroyed the entire human race is proof that there is something beyond our recognition.

There is a gift in man that is beyond a promise or a hope.  This gift isn’t found in just one person, race or gender.  It is found in all people in every place on Earth.  Every man, woman and child has the same access and right to connect to one another in a civil, tender and a loving way. In spite of our individual failure to offer regular goodwill to each other there still is physical confirmation of this unseen force.

If anyone embraces their natural gift within then they will experience greatness.  To experience this just once makes the journey worthwhile.  To participate with this energy consciously and consistently offers every man a connection to one another that is literally beyond his corporeal state.

The strength of humanity

Love is the strength by which all things are made and in unconditional love there is plenty of room for the mistakes that the human race is still creating.  As we continue our collective journey perhaps our growth can include more compassion.  The love we offer should extend to ourselves for the infinite things we don’t know or yet remember.  Instead of our needing to be the center of the Universe perhaps each of us can add to its magnificent beauty in gratitude and love toward one another.