The secret power of passion

How does passion benefit you?

Passion is a powerful element that’s occasionally pushed down to a lowly adjective describing a noun.  Using the word as an adjective like; passionate lover or passionate zealot, isn’t what we will be discussing here.  Real passion is fuel.  In every success you will observe passion as a key ingredient.  So, how does passion benefit you?

Understanding Passion

To understand passion you must also appreciate another fundamental element —desire.  Desire and passion go hand-in-hand and ultimately they shouldn’t be separated.  Desire without passion is like having a Learjet without fuel.  As luxurious as it is to have your own private jet it can’t leave the hanger without a full tank.

Desire is expressing your wish for something and passion is the fuel to get there.  Almost a hundred years ago, George Mallory was asked, “Why do you want to climb Mt. Everest?”  His comment is still remembered today when he responded, “Because it’s there.”  It was this Englishman’s desire to be one of the first to ascend the mountain.  His passion would be the energy that drove him to try.

The first person to climb 14 of world’s tallest 8,000 meter mountains, Mt. Everest, K2, Annapurna, etc., was accomplished in 1986 by the Italian, Reinhold Messner.  Why did he do it?  The same answer given by Mr. Mallory likely applies to Mr. Messner, “Because they are there.”  In both cases, passion was the common commodity that fueled their individual desires as mountain climbers.

Getting in touch with your passion is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  In all-out athleticism pure joy is experienced in this energy – win or loose.  The passion to play, write, sing, dance, sell or run for office is one of the strongest energies you can access.  Passion is actually an explosive spiritual propellant.

Observing passion as a spiritual attribute isn’t hard since true passion goes beyond the mind, intellect and reason. It’s the same ingredient that drove many to succeed in spite of numerous herculean obstacles.  Albert Einstein’s passion to understand the Universe is seen in his Theory of Relativity.  Thomas Edison passionately pursued his desire to invent the electric light bulb.  Abraham Lincoln’s passion for self-improvement, education and law is seen in his desire to create a better nation as one of our history’s greatest United States Presidents.

Passion is always about greatness.  You can feel the presence and the power of passion.  Even if you don’t share the same desire of another, you still can feel the energy and the identifiable quality of passion.  Passion can easily remind us of something Divine.

You may object to the idea that passionate greatness is in you.  Actually, every person has access to the same power.  Passion may appear to be different but it’s actually an energy that we all share. This is why everyone can connect to the divinity of real passion.

Passion is contagious.  One person’s excitement often inspires another.  There is beauty in watching and feeling passion grow synergistically in groups.  Yet, true passion first starts individually and authentically from within.

passion is instinctive

Jimmy Page, best known as the lead guitarist in the legendary rock group Led Zeppelin, first touched a guitar at 13 years of age.  Something must have happened to the very young Mr. Page because he couldn’t seem to set the guitar down.  Almost all of his learning was self-taught as he played endlessly by just listening to other guitarist’s records. This passion came intrinsically.

Passion can be felt surging through your body like fire that needs to express itself.  Jimmy’s classical solo in Stairway to Heaven climaxes this way to a full release.  Passion actually fills you. And in participating in this energy, either by giving or receiving, you will bring forth unrealized desires to the surface.

Passion has power

Opening to the raw power of passion is explosive and so are the benefits.  If it’s your desire to make money you’ll notice the super wealthy are rich because of at least one passion.  This is true for any other desire or pursuit.  The passions of love offered by Princess Diana and Mother Teresa in their desire to serve people are the same.  Dr. Martin Luther King and Gandhi also used the same energetic fuel in their desire for equality.  And so are the benefits in your exercising your gifts of passion.

In opening up to your passions you must be willing to break free from all the rules streaming from your mind. This means truly letting go and allowing the Divine energy to take you where you really want to go.  In simple terms, your desires will come to the surface like dolphins cresting the water in anticipation of play.  It’s here that your conscious desires will tug at the reins to be released.  Explode with passion as you express your desires.