Is a genius born that way, or taught, or is it something else?

What is genius? Is it possible for an average person to create something that is genius in nature?  Or is it unobtainable?

We think of genius as an exceptional intellectual aptitude; especially when expressed in the arts or science.  Commonly, genius is considered either a gift at birth or something that anyone might acquire with enough study. These distinctively different perspectives are worthy of your consideration; if you have interest in understanding genius.

Wolfgang Mozart is considered a genius.  He first began composing music at the tender age of five.  He composed over 600 pieces of music in his life.   This is a considerable contribution especially because he died at 35 years of age. If you do the math, you will see that Mozart published 20 pieces a year- an incredible feat of accomplishment.

Yet, was Mozart a born genius or was he taught?  Leopold Mozart, Wolfgang’s Father, was not only a musician and a composer but he was also a teacher.  History states that Leopold was Wolfgang’s first and most influential mentor; everything Leopold knew, he taught to his son.

So herein lies the dilemma in understanding genius: is genius born or is it taught?
Or maybe there is a third alternative

Observing another genius, Rembrandt, and his masterful works of art, people might comment, “He must have lived a hundred lifetimes to paint like that!”  This observation is really quite meaningful.  If this thought is explored, it presents a wrinkle in the twofold definition of genius. Instead of the duality of “born or not born,” it gives us a new option in understanding genius.  Maybe, Rembrandt gained knowledge from other lifetimes that his spirit has remembered? We now have to ask ourselves, “Can genius be obtained by connecting spiritually?”

This third perspective expands our understanding of genius to an entirely new level.  Perhaps, so far, your thoughts of genius have been limited to the intellectual or maybe the creative.  However, did you know that Webster actually defines genius as “an attendant spirit or tutelary spirit?”  In today’s slang, we might say “a guide.”  What if you could access Genius Energy Within You?

Let’s understand the origins of genius

Born genius.  If you are one of the very few people to be born a genius, odds are you already know it.  (Although I once channeled for a businessman who didn’t know of his intellectual prowess until our session, which was later double-verified through testing.)  Genius, like any other attribute established at birth, is a “natural” characteristic.  Appropriately so, but you might wonder, “What if I’m not a born genius?”

This is not the end of the road. Regardless of your origins, your past and even your current surroundings, you are not limited in expressing genius energy.

Genius energy is shared and taught. Wolfgang Mozart was obviously taught, mentored and encouraged to compose and perform musically starting at five.  Some historians even said the younger Mozart was “pushed or exploited” by his father. In Genius Explained, the author estimates that Wolfgang had received 3,500 hours of training in music with his instructor-father by his sixth birthday.

This opens the door to the true possibility that genius can be taught like a skill.  Andre Agassi, in OpenAn Autobiography, describes himself hitting over 3,000 tennis balls a day, a million a year, starting at age five.  Perhaps genius is founded in deliberate practice.

In a thirty-year study on performance by psychologist K. Anders Ericson, her “Ten-Year, Ten-Thousand-Hour” rule dictates that, in focused practice, a skill becomes a form of memory or automation.  In essence, Ericson states that a practiced skill appears to be genius.  This would explain the extraordinary attributes of Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods and others who practiced incessantly. Do you need to be born a genius or practice for ten years or ten thousand hours to exhibit genius?

What is the Connection

Genius energy is a Divine connection.  Genius isn’t only measured in intellectual values such as IQ, education or contribution.  Imagine unfolding an enormous sail that captures and directs the energy of the wind to thrust you forward in genius expression.  Consider actualizing divine thought.  Suppose you could tap into Genius Energy Within You?

Divine energy is not limited to geniuses.  Even natural-born geniuses don’t necessarily have instructions on how to direct the gift.  In fact, sometimes the genius energy is so enormous that it is taken for granted and not used well.  Understanding genius energy is literally life altering; using it is even more potent.  So, how does it work?

There is one key to all expressions of genius energy – passion.  Born, taught or divinely connected, passion is the way genius is found and expressed.  You will find genius energy being expressed by individuals right up to the moment of their death.  Why?  Because once someone taps into this energy, there are powerfully passionate feelings and desires that thrust them to participate more and more.  Maybe this explains why someone has the ability to practice for ten-years or for ten-thousand-hours in the first place- just to start expressing their genius energy.