What is your reality?

You do create and are accountable for the perceptions and beliefs around you.

Your perception and respective beliefs are creating everything. This is tough! Because it also means that you are accountable for everything that has been created around you. Whoops… did you catch it? The perception that things are “tough” is just another paradigm of reality. So what’s real?

Everything and nothing. Seems paradoxical but really it’s simple. Everything is created by you and your beliefs. None of this physical existence is real. Again, you are creating everything and everything here is an illusion. It’s about now, or maybe you got a head start, that the shell (ego) begins to go round and round creating what it does best: confusion. Consider not being perplexed.

Finding your reality

Discover the shell and it’s predominance towards separation, confusion and craziness and understand it’s constraints on your reality. You are anything but crazy unless this is what you want to believe and create. Frankly, the very first time I shared my spiritual abilities outside the home was in confidence with someone who also possessed psychic abilities. She lovingly tested me in various ways confirming and showing me the significance of those talents that had suddenly appeared. I had flown out-of-state to meet her because she didn’t know me and if I was an oddball well she didn’t know the same people I knew. It felt safe. I was doing well throughout the day beginning to release some extreme anxiety that I had about my supernatural powers. That is, until I learned my host had invited others to come to her home that same evening for my benefit.

The minute this woman walked into the room I connected with her eyes I knew I was in trouble. She arrived with others but immediately left her group approaching me with a smile. I reacted the way I had been conditioned and dropped my eye contact to avoid this approaching torpedo. My mind raced reaffirming my belief that everything had been going too smoothly. She walked up and started reading me. There was no introduction or pleasantries her conversation was all about me: my past, my future, and powerful confirmation of my metaphysical gifts.

I stood in awe, my mouth dropped in amazement of everything being shared. The details were so overwhelming that I felt weak and needed to sit down. I noticed a folding chair and began to sit as she grabbed an adjacent chair and scooted even closer with a continued dialog that seemed endless. Then I noticed a shift, a personality shift. Suddenly the same person sitting before me had become another. I had never been with someone of multiple personalities. She shifted in and out of what were a least four or five different personalities.

This was it! It was everything that I had feared. At that time, psychic meant weird and crazy. My shell was in high order and all I wanted was to leave. I didn’t want to go crazy. It was a nightmare! I wanted to go. I felt the need to run.

It was months later through countless pages of my personal journal with the Source that I was shown that I had created my own reality. What I had feared most about my gifts was created in my first contact with another of like ability. Even later I realized that this psychic’s choice to act crazy was of her own accord. It wasn’t something I needed to fear because it felt comfortable for her. For her, it was a means of integrating the seemingly disjointed pieces of information that were coming from spirit into this form. In essence, this was her choice of reality and I realized it wouldn’t be mine. In that instant, I chose not to be fearful of anyone who embraced this choice.

Are you crazy? Not unless you want to be. If this is your choice of reality then so it is. But understand your choices.

Beliefs shape your reality

Start with your beliefs. What are you creating with your beliefs? Like clay your beliefs shape the external vessel of your shell. As a potter throwing a pot your creation comes to life in your intent to create. Your shell (i.e. physical vessel or body) and its beliefs can appear so real that you assume this is truth. Therefore, you deduct that everything that is created is real. This is true of your creation but not necessarily of your construction. Simply stated your beliefs and your respective feelings are creating everything. For example, if you feel alone then you are carrying beliefs that are perceived real and thus you feel alone. Being with others makes no difference if in fact you hold feelings and beliefs that you are alone.

So what else are you choosing as your reality? Again, what’s real? Anything is real when you give it belief. Let me share some popular believes of reality.

  • Spirituality is fun but now back to the real world
  • I can’t be me it will hurt others
  • There must be something wrong with me
  • To “be” means that you can’t think
  • Love hurts
  • I enclose myself in white light (i.e. I must protect myself) Authors note: From what?
  • It’s hard here
  • I don’t understand
  • Life is full of comprises
  • Every time something good happens then something bad is going to happen
  • No one understands me
  • I can’t find love
  • You have to work hard to get ahead
  • I can’t be supported in my spirituality/gifts

Any one of these statements could be highlighted. Let me illustrate just one. The never-ending statement or question of “I don’t understand.” In this perception of physical realty, Spirit embraces your choice “not to understand” and thus everything that is not understood is drawn to you. Let me flip the coin. Everything is understood in your choice to understand. In the quietness of being you will find understanding and remembrance that goes beyond your shell’s (i.e. your physical) ability.

The choice “I don’t understand” is probably the most popular perception on earth. Yet, it isn’t real. In your choice to let go of this perception you engage the miraculous, genius and Divine. Still don’t get it? Instead of taking the position that you don’t understand, be open to exist at one with all. In this choice of openness you will attract the universal understanding you seek.

Your Reality is your choice

So what is really real? What is Divine or Spiritual reality? There is truth that nothing is real in reference to this existence. But consider remembering the core of reality. These things go beyond mere perceptions but to the center of everything. The center of everything is universal. It is all-powerful. And it is available for you to incorporate in whatever way you should determine …all of it.

Embrace the center of universal reality as real. If you think this is crazy, though your choice would be conscious now, you separate yourself from divinity. Accept your spiritual reality of who you are and all your expressions. Give yourself space to enjoy the center of creation. Let go and feel the realty of All that Is. If you are still skeptical, realize that every night you are already participating in the universal reality as you dream. Integrating this heavenly reality benefits everyone.

What else is real? Truth is real. The truth is just reflection of your Light expressing divinely. The transformation from old perceptions of reality to higher expressions of reality is occurring. These events are emerging like scattered drops of rain as the light illuminates the water in displays of reality that are as bold as rainbows. These displays of majesty will continue to appear until it becomes absurd not to recognize it. This reality is now.

This new age is one of great change from the perceptions of the old reality. Embrace your Divine reality. Remove habits that keep you locked into the earthly principals that only what you see is real. The illusions of this earthly reality are to be enjoyed but don’t think that it’s real. If you find yourself stuck in the busyness of surviving you are not the only one. Spending excessive time and energy in the reality of survival is common for many on the planet. When you detach from these basic elements of survival, that appear real, then everything else is illuminated. Thus, you are free for your life’s work instead of keeping busy for a lifetime.

Do you need to separate your physical presence from your spiritual reality? This is why many create physical busyness so as to avoid divine reality. But the shift isn’t crazy or hard. Isn’t it time to welcome your highest reality on earth? Remembering universal reality is as easy as taking a nap. Integrating your reality is as simple as remembering your dreams to following your dreams. Reintroducing this reality is why you are here. So how can you be fearful of the majesty of a rainbow? Acknowledge this reality and all the lifetimes before you are released into the ascension of the new reality. Welcome to the real world.