Brian: What inspired you to write the book Is God With Us?

Weston: I was encouraged. I wasn’t forced -just encouraged. I wasn’t interested in writing. I even argued that I didn’t know what to write about, or have background in writing, who would be interested in it?, how it would get published?, etc… Even with all my objections there was strong encouragement for me to write. So finally, I determined if “they” would give me the exact words in which to write. It was agreed.

Brian: How did you write it?

Weston: I didn’t… I grabbed a tape recorder and repeated everything that I heard. After each recording, I would transcribe what was shared. The content was beyond anything that I had ever read. Even in the midst of writing I experienced anxiety and wondered if the information that was being shared was just “nonsense.” I quit writing for six weeks because I was still questioning the validity of the project, yet even with my hesitation the whole book was finished in just 3 ½ months.

Brian: How do you deal with the criticism of people who question whether you converse with angels or hear the voice of God?

Weston: I can understand anyone’s position in view of this question. It was my first question to them as I then didn’t believe that it was possible to hear. Can you imagine what it would be like to hear in this way? No, I never did either… I always believed in God and the real possibility of Angels but I never thought about being talked to. But I will say the ability for me to hear is as real as anything I have ever experienced…yet I’m not interested in trying to convince anybody about anything…I just know how incredible it feels every time I hear in this way. For me it is like trying to describe a personal miracle that has happened in your life -some will identify with it, others will try and explain it and others might negate it.

Brian: People, at some point in their lives, search for truth, seek self-growth and look to define the purpose of their life. How does your book speak to them on this?

Weston: Very directly and I mean very directly. The book is all about creating personal self awareness about what you have chosen. I distinguish this clearly because what you have chosen may or may not represent the real you. The imbalance of what is created by many of us can be out of harmony with the true self and this causes and an intrinsic desire to search and find the real purpose and meaning for life. Some find these answers in a spiritual realm but these discoveries about the real self and our connection can be experienced in any chosen way. So even those listening who may not endorse a Higher Power will find the book to be very interesting. Many now reading the book have commented on how personal the book is for them. Many readers ask me regularly “how can the book `Is God With Us?’ be so personal?”

Brian: What type of personal spiritual awakenings have you had that have helped you see things more clearly?

Weston: Thank you for asking. Two years BEFORE the book “Is God With Us?” was written and before my ability to hear I had another very strong awakening. My family and I were sitting by a creek in Sedona and I was silently asking God a particular question regarding our family’s needs. At that exact moment a large yellow butterfly came and landed on my leg. I could feel something and the timing was too coincidental so I crossed my arms and asked God again “if that is really you… make the butterfly land on my head.” Within moments the butterfly twirled and twisted and landed gently and soundly on my head. I was so stunned I could barely move…

What is even more interesting is the question that I had asked in silence. My question was “God are you really with us?” The soft touch’s of the butterfly twice was the answer. What is so funny about this story is that I didn’t remember this experience again until after the book was finished and written and yet it is the title of the book.

Brian: People talk of unexplained miracles in their lives. You also emphasize a theme of: “You get what you want while helping others to get what they want.” Is the key to luck, happiness – even miracles – is that you give of yourself to others?

Weston: I feel honored to share what I hear, feel, see and know that comes directly from Spirit. Anyone attending a seminar, reading the book or even experiencing a personal session who is touched in anyway… this is my greatest satisfaction. Just yesterday, a woman privately said to me “you have a gift of personal empowerment to assist people in their awakening to their true potential.” What this woman is beautifully sharing is that these gifts are not limited to any one person. They are in each of us. Our choice to give and share with each other in this way goes way beyond the comprehension of most.

Brian: How does one go about providing insights of the true self through unconditional love and healing?

Weston: That’s a good question. The answer is in removing the need to judge anyone’s choice of experience -especially your own. In the choice to be open you can become aware of mileposts that create a path for personal awakening. Simply by asking for direction, guidance and help, insights are provided -like mileposts along a road – you can become aware of answers to questions. These insights can be very bold or very subtle. Nonetheless, becoming aware of the True Self within always come in the form of unconditional love. Extending unconditional love to another becomes the red carpet which invites someone to remember the God within.

Brian: You talk about freedom – in relationships, in our communications and speech, and in our emotions. Are we really free?

Weston: Yes, in truth we are all free. Yet, many of us severely constrain ourselves even those who claim to be personally free or who live in “free countries”. These constraints or limitations are often found in our fundamental core beliefs or basis’. Universally, a truth becomes a truth when it stands by itself. If there are freedoms that you embrace yet they need to be supported with rules then by the very presence of rules your freedom is constrained. For example, any person who believes in free speech understands the simplicity of what most Americans refer to as a fundamental freedom. But how many listeners feel able to speak freely without limitation to their boss, their significant other, or even their mother? Many of us claim to be free when in truth we create a bunch of rules that constrain our freedom. What is really funny is how RULES of freedom are protected! In truth we are free. Remembering this and allowing it application again within our choices is almost ecstasy.

Brian: Weston, you move people to feel connected and united, and seek to bring people together rather than have them feel alone or isolated. How do we get people to embrace one another, rather than alienate themselves from others?

Weston: To become aware of who they really are. There is a familiar saying that states “you are to love thy neighbor as yourself.” The paradox is many are unfamiliar with who they really are. Remembering love within provides for the very foundation for you to love your neighbor. Naturally, this means letting go of all judgment. As you release the need to judge yourself then the need to judge others evaporates…thus natural embracing of one another…even though another may choice to accept different experiences they no longer need to be judged. This can be applied now to those who have chosen to destroy thousands of lives within the World Trade Center. The purpose behind the act was to inflict pain on those that they feel constrain them…the people of the United States, and all countries that embody freedom, because they don’t feel free. Becoming aware through this process or event has been tough. United We Stand now can mean uniting in love not in separation.

Brian: What advice do you have for relationships?

Weston: To be yourself. That sounds simple but it is really tricky. Most of use our relationships as a means of sharing intimately. This intimate sharing is where some real tremendous discovery takes place. Getting undressed physically is the easy part compared to what I call “getting spiritually naked.” Getting spiritually naked means removing clothes or basis’ that have been used as an illusionary protection. Undressing this way allows for some real beautiful growth and personal empowerment. The majority of us use our intimate relationships in this way because it appears safe. In chapter 12 of “Is God With Us?” you can find very specific information about relationships there.

I also still offer personal sessions in open up my hearing of God and Spirit and the respective communication for those who are interested in getting answers to personal questions regarding relationships or whatever topic is desired. To summarize the answer to your question, the more you undress the more you’ll have fun! Your book holds a powerful message that is sure to transform the reader and take him or her on a life-altering emotional roller coaster.

Brian: How does one digest all of this information and all of the feelings you stir up?

Weston:Have fun and take it one day at a time. This book is unusual because you can literally open it to any page and begin reading. Go to the bookstore open “Is God With Us?” to any page and see if it doesn’t talk directly to you. Before long you will find that you are reading it and being drawn into the messages that are shared. There is a lot of information in there. I believe in using books so take “Is God With Us?” and write your feelings and questions as you’re reading. Or underline those sentences that seem to jump at you as you’re going along. I only know of a few readers have said that they wanted to throw the book because of things it stirred in them and yet it’s interesting that these same individuals become the book’s and my strongest advocates.

Brian: Many things hold people back from experiencing God or acknowledging God’s existence. Two questions: How do you address the non-believer? Why is it so difficult for people to further their relationship with God?

Weston: You will find that the book addresses both of these questions excellently. First, “Is God With Us?” is a book all about intimately touching the reader’s heart with a dialog from God about self-empowerment through choice. Therefore, the choice to not believe in anything is perfectly accepted. The book actually addresses this very quickly so even those who may not like the word God can easily read the book without interference with their choice and belief system.

Specific to your second question, most people separate themselves from God. Use myself as an example, I never thought God could or would talk to me. Why me? Yet, it isn’t only possible it’s encouraged. To hear God or pray to a Higher Source is just a choice. For those who are interested in learning more I do offer workshops and retreats around the country helping people remember and increase their own Divine connection.

Brian: How different is your life now than say ten years ago, from busy business executive then to an enlightened author now?

Weston: You know I can honestly say I enjoyed being involved in business…it still interests me… but nothing has ever fulfilled me more completely than speaking, writing, and the personal facilitation of the words I continue to hear so directly. It has been so interesting to me the number of business people that have been drawn to come to me for a personal session, attend a workshop or even read the book. I guess it’s because I’ve been there and I can speak the same language. Doing a private session for someone in business or a top executive is always fun! On a personal level the changes have been dramatic. Imagine a triple type “A” personality that worked constantly to someone who actually meditates and likes it. I will admit there are many ways to meditate and I still prefer methods of connecting that involve my body like hiking or even yoga. But I have never felt so more completely fulfilled in doing what I now do. It still amazes me that my wife and children have not only accepted the all these changes but they even participate in them.

Brian: You have accumulated over 1700 hand-written pages of text you say was journalized from the Divine world. Explain how this process works, if you can.

Weston: Sure. In the beginning I just removed the need to create a list or plan a project and just wrote whatever came to me. This was a little hard because this is all I ever done. However, while in Hawaii, where this first occurred, I noticed that my journal – which are still yellow business pads – was spiritual in nature. I don’t know how else to describe it. I found immediately that I could write a question and get an answer that wasn’t from me. It’s not at all scary, in fact it feels wonderful, but the pen seems to have a life of its own and writes all kinds of things. Because my background did not support any communication of this kind I was initially a little unsure if I was okay. Yet, the process continues to be like experiencing a miracle. Today if you stacked all the yellow pads -my journals- they would probably be about 3 ½ to 4 feet high and this doesn’t include the current book “Is God With Us?” and two others that are written and not yet published. I still journal regularly, not every day, but a lot…

Brian: You talk a lot about how we need to be more truthful with ourselves. Why is this so hard for us to do?

Weston: It starts early when we learn and adopt choices that existing in truth is somehow harmful to our environment. Many of our parents, relatives or teachers sought to control truth when we were children. In this learned response a child quickly learns that saying “She’s F A T…” is inappropriate. When the mother administers a corrective pinch of the child’s arm the child often chooses to begin filtering truth. This choice when fully development discourages our truthfulness within ourselves. Remembering that being truthful doesn’t hurt is a great place to start in not making it so hard. When you release the need to protect yourself you will find that it is actually easier living in truth.

Brian: Weston, we are all the products of our own creation. How do we find our true selves amidst the persona we’ve built on over the years?

Weston: The persona that you have created is beautiful place to discover who you are not. As you suggested you may find that this persona is not the real you. Take me for an example, in my persona’s old choice in to get things done in business I would often push and drive until I accomplished what I wanted. I wasn’t then aware of my tendencies to push like a large commercial bulldozer coming into a serene garden. I got the results I wanted but often with dead bodies lying all around. I wasn’t even aware of the complaints because I was always praised for the results. I became aware that these choices of my persona were completely out-of-balance with my true self. It was never my intention to hurt or be forceful with anyone I was just very task orientated. For example, if I had written the book “Is God With Us?” it probably would have taken 12 -18 months if at all, instead, by removing my old self the book flowed through in a matter of weeks.

Brian: What is the hardest part for people to accept when looking to change their lives?

Weston: There is no such thing as “hard” unless this is your choice. I have personally facilitated radiant individuals who have made life-altering choices within minutes – a wife who determines to leave an abusive relationship, an middle-aged mother who determines to teach, a man who chooses to release his need to express himself aggressively through sex… all of this things can be changed through choice. The power of choice is significantly underrated. The Universe will accept your choice to ease into personal changes or it will support your very quick aggressive changes. It is so fulfilling to witness anyone make a choice of growth and change their lives. Is there anything greater?

Brian: So, is God within us, and if so, how?

Weston: Yes. You will find this to be the very core essence of the book “Is God With Us?” To become aware of these powers is found in becoming aware of the Divinity that is a part of all of us. Even if you don’t believe in a Higher Source within you can recognize our mutual connection through love. In love, in whatever form you want to define it, you connect and touch another. There are many Masters who demonstrate excellently the Divinity within. Who can deny the power of love exemplified through the Dahli Lama? Even though you may not personally embrace Buddhism you will find it hard to deny his choice to exemplify love. Imagine the massive destruction of life of his people and peers and yet not one word of condemnation for the Chinese. Naturally, Christ too said “…forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” as he was executed. This Divine love is within us all… it’s just a matter of choosing to embrace it.

Brian: How can one ease into the self-exploration process so as not to be overwhelmed, and yet to feel revealed to the wonders of the world that perhaps they have never understood or seen before with clarity?

Weston: Let go of the need to control the process. As one who tried to control “everything” please allow me to share what I’m continuing to learn. The more you let go the easier that it is. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop “doing” but it does mean that as you become aware and go with the flow…thus the process is eased. Start with any area of awareness that surrounds you and be mindful of only the moment removing the need to be distracted in trying to eat the whole meal with one bite. Enjoy the process of every mouthful realizing that our life is a process of choices and experiences.

Brian: Why is it that only in a time of need, crisis, loss, pain, divorce, death, prison, etc., do people seem to find God?

Weston: That’s simple… because they want, need and even demand help. Most of the time we don’t ask for help. The Angelic realm and even God are very pleased to offer assistance but they will never interfere with your choice. So in your free-will-choice not to need anything God is not separate rather just quietly honoring your choice to “do it by yourself.” The Angelic realm especially awaits your invitation to assist. Their heavenly assistance is not limited to three wishes of an
Aladdin’s lamp. Miracles and assistance are available all the time… not just for emergencies. When you ask for direction, guidance and communication be aware that it will manifest. The fun is being a part of the many confirmations that are presented as answers and assistance.

Brian: What are some of the cyclic patterns people involve themselves in?

Weston: How much time do we have? Seriously, cyclic patterns appear almost everywhere. Start with your relationships – all of your relationships. Have you noticed any trends or cycles that seem to pattern? Take for example, someone who has married three times and still can’t find his or her “soul mate.” Are they destitute? Is something wrong with them? No, they are just creating a cyclic means of trying to get in touch with their real self. Removing the need to judge yourself for having cyclic patterns is something too that can be tossed in the trash. That’s why there isn’t a need to judge another that seems to be locked in a cycle. I can’t help but think of Robert Downey Jr. He’s aware of his cycle of drug addiction yet he finds himself continuing to be drawn to it. He’s not dumb – he’s just using this experience as a means of awakening. When he’s ready he’ll set himself free or he’ll choose not too. Either way it is honored especially as he has chosen to display his cycle in a very large glass house for all to see.