Your mortality isn’t the issue, but this present moment is.

While hurriedly walking this morning I observed ahead of me the large swinging movements of a white staff with red tip. Each back and forth rhythm of the stick was consistent like a pendulum as the extended implement felt the path for its owner. Transfixed, I noticed the red tip would extend beyond the 90-degree edge of the sidewalk as confidence was exercised in yet another step forward. In my fast pace from behind, I continued to gain ground toward the young man and wondered if the white noise around me would be enough to keep me hidden.

In boyish curiosity I wondered if I could catch and pass him without being detected. With no other reasons apparent, my intent was declared as I chose to become aware of any noises that might reveal me. The sidewalk angled to the left as I saw the master of the stick continue to change direction and find his way. I remained in stealth when approaching the waddling target that had slowed expecting to discover the bus stop right before him. I was amazed at the dexterity and timing of each of his movements he promptly sat on a steel bench now facing the street in anticipation of the city bus. Within the next ten steps I expected to walk by his personal space without being noticed.

Car noises were abundant like a dense forest and I walked in front of him as he made final adjustments in sitting down. It was silly but I didn’t turn my head while passing him fearing that I might make a sound in the process. Resolved that my mission had been accomplished I wondered what I would have said if he greeted me. Halfway through this thought came the composed young man’s loud and bold salutation “Hello!” Startled I jumped visibly and returned an audibly weak “good morning.” In embarrassment I continued walking past the bus stop until my inertia ceased and in thirst for knowledge I returned to sit with him.

I just had to ask questions

Without a proper introduction I began my inquiry …Do you find that you have an acute ability to hear? In a nonverbal knowingness of all that had transpired, he stated casually but with emphasis …no, my abilities are not acute but developed in awareness. He tipped his shaven head in a motion like Stevie Wonder and continued sharing that through cognizance he could see. Listening intently I knew now why we were sitting together. As the city bus roared toward the bus stop I knew my time with this exceptional youth was even more limited than I had imagined. Immediately I stuck out my hand and introduced myself. In an instant he was aboard the big bus and within the minute he was gone.

Jack, the master of stick with a red tip, was more intuitive than what he revealed. His developed perceptions had become a way of life –a means to move him forward although anyone could clearly see he was blind. I stood from the bench and walked slowly away from the bus stop wondering about what had just happened. A little stymied about the creation of my new wise friend and those experiences that were enveloping our nation and the world I drifted again in silent contemplation.

…Wouldn’t it be easier to be blind?… I asked myself silently while thinking of the images of the last 48 hours. The events surrounding the destruction of life and property were continuing to stream across every form of our media —especially the television news networks. The interviews of surviving family members were now becoming personal to me. Some news correspondent’s and their guests appeared almost numb with thoughts of introspection of the tragedy that the world too was trying to comprehend. I already knew then that I would go to New York.

It is not a time to remain blind any more. As much as I wanted to play a game to stay hidden a little bit longer, even for a brief moment, I can’t. The opportunity to see all that has manifested in light of recent historical events is before each one of us. Like a personal challenge these opportunities are getting stronger and more intimate. The light of awareness is radiating brighter and in love it will bring you serene and peaceful remembrance of an understanding that was once known.

See Life Clearly

Each personal challenge that is brought before you is an opportunity of discovery. The illusion of fear remains a choice, as is the freedom to move forward in confidence. Navigate your path no longer afraid or uncertain of what you feel deep within. Step forward with poise –like the master of the stick– knowing that your Divine perceptions of awareness will lead you perfectly. Walk in personal awareness.

Your presence to be and exist as truth is self-evident. It requires nothing except your choice to embrace it as universal reality. Become personally aware and accountable for all that you have created. If life is wobbling like a top where you are putting tremendous effort to hold everything together —let go. In your choice to acknowledge the real you your future will express serenity, comfort and balance.

As you become aware or feel the illusion of fear, breathe deep into the moment and ask, …what is the real message I’m creating for myself? In a sincere moment of inquiry you will find the answer. It may come to you in the form of words, a picture, or even synchronistic circumstances that confirm your question. Many times Spirit will provide multitudes of hints, moments or demonstrated evidence and clear proof. Instead of hiding or turning your eyes from the truth breathe again and ask for guidance from the Source and/or the Spirit world for assistance in your seeing.

The loving gift of awareness is yours in the asking. Through love you are able to see the world as it really is. Your every thought, conscious or not, creates the reality you draw to yourself. In this choice perceptions change and miraculously the world around you shifts. It isn’t necessary to solicit or proselytize —just be you. Every experience you have created has prepared you for the current transformation. There is nothing to do beyond becoming at one with your true self. Your stepping through the veil of illusion makes a compassionate childlike impact encouraging others to the truth within.

The commencement of the new era has already begun. Utilize all of your perceptions to feel what is at hand. Become aware of all that has transpired and no longer cover your eyes pretending not to see. Awaken the spirit within and allow yourself to feel your presence as a piece of the whole. Walk confidently with me, if only in Spirit, the streets of New York rejoicing in the opportunity to become one again with all mankind. Rejoice in your gift of sight and be encouraged to further develop your acute awareness of all that really is. In personal acknowledgement of my lessons from a blind man I honor Jack in teaching me again to see.