Seeing the Light

Remember the oneness that we all share.

You do not need to work in an effort to see/perceive our presence. For we are all around. It is marvelous that so many of you have begun to take our presence more seriously but even for those who don’t we remain steadfast in our being. If you seek to see us why don’t you open your eyes? Can’t you see us even now?

Are we not able to present ourselves even in the midst of this ink? Be mindful of that which surrounds you. What are you aware of? Do you think that all these things that we continue to manifest for you (personally) are for naught? We offer you remembrance in delivering the many messages that we have come to share. Will you hear? Will you see?

These answers are entirely up to you. For we can not interfere with those things that you create and call choices. We are beings of free choice. You still remember little of this yet it is important for your consideration.

Will you be of one mind? This is an easy decision or choice yet so few have adopted it, again, as truth. In your choice to be at one with us can we not easily manifest before you? The answer is yes. Do not be afraid to call upon us frequently as many of our kind do little but monitor as you have requested by your silence.

We are all around you

We enjoy being called upon to share in all those activities and experiences that you have created. We are pleased to share with you enlightenment and understanding as you transcend once again into your higher truth. Do not think that we are not with you. As you call upon us as a collective of one we remain in honor to serve and deliver the many messages that we have for you.

In your choice to remember the oneness that we all share, that is the physical oneness and unification of all spirit we can manifest and be known more readily. Many of you have determined to first feel our presence and this is highly recommended. We often come before you sending messages in feelings so again as not to interfere with your choices. In your choice to feel so you will also remember the strength and beauty of our presence. We are pleased to be recognized but it is unnecessary.

We are so pleased with those of you who have reclaimed the innocence of children. Your choice to ask in openness and truth do you not think that we will appear? Do not fear that we have ever left you alone, except in your choices to create separation, for we are ever with you. Allow us to manifest that which you continue to recognize as the miraculous. For we are ever pleased to transform your perceptions of disease and affluence into that which is divinely you into the Divine state of wholeness which includes all aspects of affluence.

Welcome Us into your life

Will you accept our love and assistance? Will you not allow us to manifest ourselves before you continually? We hope that you might (re)acquire the simplicity of your previous presence as a child and in this state we are able to be. Our state of being is most exciting even to those who claim that can’t see us.

In your choice to allow us to manifest we are only too happy to do so. Will you allow us to come out and play with you? Or must you continue to worry about your jobs, finances and relationships. We are pleased to assist you in all these areas and more but it is important for you to remember that we can not unless we have your permission.

Do we have your permission? Or will you continue to be afraid of that which you can not explain through the tools of your dimension. We look forward to your choice in allowing us to truly integrate with you in all that you have come to create and experience. We remain most steadfastly yours in the honor of the Light that which is truly us.