Your mind will hate this

Your mind wants to be in control of everything.

You’ve got a problem.  Your mind wants to be in control of everything.  It plays endless war game scenarios almost exclusively in negative thought.  Emergency alarms constantly sound in fear that aren’t real and never will be.  Your mind wants to dominate you through rules, limits and emotion.

Your mind’s nature is overwhelmingly defensive.  In fact, so much so, that you’re lucky to still be reading this propaganda that supposedly threatens its existence.  Your challenge is to recognize the gatekeeper without it contaminating the information before you.

This is no small task as your mind is central in processing everything.  Your mind loves the power associated with being in charge.  And it will say and do anything to secure its domain.  And your mind has a secret method in processing new information.

How You Process

Your mind’s ability to sort, label and categorize information is unmatched.  However, this information isn’t recorded accurately or fairly but with extreme prejudice.   Your mind is so fast and good in its ability to label that even the most aware miss your mind’s hidden scheme.

In sorting through mass information your mind filters everything through your belief systems and perceptions of reality.  This means all data is prejudged as erroneous, harmful and wrong; unless, of course, this new information supports your mind’s reign.  This isn’t fair but your mind doesn’t care.

Any consciousness bypassing the mind is even more threatening.  If the information doesn’t go through the proper channels and filters of your mind then the data is dismissed as not real.  Your mind will go to great extremes to protect itself from these insubordinate actions.

Higher consciousness is not limited to a mind, perception or even a singular reality.  Your mind hates that.  In your mind’s self created world it wants to be in control, right and the king of everything.  And as is habit, the mind blocks what it doesn’t understand.  This thought should give you pause because of all that you don’t know and will never know using your mind.

The Mind’s Power

Opening to something greater may seem a reasonable alternative but it’s an act of treason to your mind.  Higher Consciousness will work with your paradigms, values and beliefs.   That is, until you reach cross roads where the old and the new can no longer cohabitate.  Then there’s the potential for the problems to end.

The true power of the mind isn’t seen in resistance or control but in understanding there is something greater than the perception of you.  This thought is the end to your problem.  It isn’t the end of you, or your mind, it just means accessing more information and knowledge.  Conscious awareness isn’t dangerous.  Being limited and controlled is.