Over 1,000 Simple Pleasures

What brings you simple pleasure?

It’s amazing what’s on this list and what’s not.  The things that we think will give us pleasure (i.e. money) interestingly didn’t even make this list.  We asked everyone attending to the Hawaii Retreat to offer at least 20 every day.

In the end we had well over a 1,000 posts of to our wall of simple pleasures. The exercise is delightfully sneaky in how easy it is to begin focusing on those things that really give you pleasure and thus you start creating and attracting that and so much more!

What about you?  What brings you simple pleasure?  Let us hear from you…

The List

Finding pleasures in life lessons
Fresh clean bed sheets
Wearing a bathing suit all day
Having a plan and reaching my goals
Getting a good massage
Making the yellow light
Messages through dreams!
Walking barefoot on grass
Sweet fruit that is fresh and juicy
Watching an older couple walk hand in hand, who have obviously spent their lives together
Being able to walk and care for myself
Breathing outdoors
A long warm shower
The play of light on water
Opinionated hummingbirds
Saturday Night Live
Executing a plan that comes from intuition
Watching cat videos
Not having a hangover
Listening to people through the window
Receiving a real letter or package, via snail mail
Skinny dipping
Watching the sunrise
A beautiful view
The beauty of the clouds in Kauai
Feeling the spiritual connection with a baby
Waking up to bird calls
Plants that look and feel healthy
Making love
Drinking a ton of water when you’re thirsty, feeling the satisfaction
Going to the movies and getting popcorn
Interior designing
Sitting near a fan
The Wall of Simple Pleasures
Kisses on the back of my neck
Pull through parking spot
When my hair looks good naturally
A new surfboard under my arm
Having my hair washed and/or brushed
Singing in the car as loud as you can
Extra rest
Going to a concert and feeling everyone happy
Receiving a compliment from the heart
Watching nature interact, wild animals
Karen’s personality
Encouraging people when I feel it
When people call you to say “Thank You” and mean it
Good cup of coffee
Watching the long awaited sex scene in a movie “Notebook / Atonement” (oh ya…FINALLY)
3AM talks with my partner
Having my own space
Back rubs or feet or hands
When the words of a song are a perfect message or answer in the moment
There is joy in Lily’s eyes that makes me want to play
Live theatre
Pretending leaves are money
Off shore winds making rainbows over breaking waves
Peeing after you’ve held it in for a while
Cuddling up in a blanket
Going through a drive-through car wash
Tan feet
Listening to Karen laugh until she cries
A good hair day
A familiar smell… Gosh it feels good to be home
Star gazing
Finding money you didn’t know you had
Laying under the stars
Feeling loved and appreciated
Being at a concert and watching everyone lip sync the words
Luther Vandross music
My little sisters curiosity
Being naked in nature
The sight of a beautiful bird
Plants receiving sunlight
Michael Kors diamond watch
The “Ah-Ha” moment
My hair
Starting a fire
Finger painting
Petting dogs
Feeling adored
Anticipating making love
Laughing so hard your stomach hurts
Quiet mind
Caressing my skin
The smell of rain
Karen’s pancakes
Falling asleep while someone reads to you
Singing with my work
Acting on intuition
Fairy sightings
Moving gracefully
Thinking/Doing ahead of the game
Surpassing your expectations
Messy-wild loud sex
A woman in a long cool black dress
Petting and playing with cats
Organic products that work and make you feel better
Baby animals
Laughing until it hurts
Passionate eyes
Hot sexy beautiful high heels
Good art
My friends innocents and personality
The smell of lemon
Cold sheets
Goddess gatherings
Fat cats with my feet
Watching cows eating grass
Really listening
Buying and finding people the perfect gift
Kissing the sky
Classic literature
Seeing Sarah perform on stage
Scent of Lily
Hearing about other peoples passions
Tingly fingers
Noting the similarity between flowers and women
Light dancing on water
Receiving slow luxurious oral sex
Listening to my heart
Open belly chakra
White boards
Moments in nature that feel “Just made for you”
No line at the women’s restroom
The heat in the soles of my feet during lovemaking
A fire in the fireplace
Resting our head on someone’s shoulder when you’re tired
Popping a big zit
looking into the eyes of a stranger
Feeling sexy
Great Motown sounds I can sing along to
Having a washing machine and a dryer
Alone time in nature
Rainbows in the cloud
“I love you today”
Creating a great character
Feeling grateful
Dragon fruit
A graceful move on my long board
Snuggling my dog
Feeling the shape of my partners body
East coast swing with a partner
A child or children at play
Watching dolphins surf a wave
The sights and sounds of the ocean
Soulful expressions
A night on the dance floor
Public speaking
Being on stage
Watching the Terns create patterns in flight
Reading by candlelight
Jet skiing on a lake
Playing well
Trips to France
Non-stick Teflon pans
Sleeping when you are tired
Winking at people
Being loved and adored
Arranging flowers in a vase
Clicking the “thumbs up” on Pandora
Playing full-on
Cute boys that are smart too
Eating bacon
Making new friends
Facial massage
Understanding another language
Singing with friends
Toe rings
Finishing a project on time
Seeing my horses happy, in new homes and ok
Lobster with butter
Listening to birds sing
Reminiscing about old times with your closest friends
A really great smile that’s returned when I offer it
Holding hands with someone you love
Waking up without pain
Early morning sunrise
Finishing what you start
Finding money in your pocket
Kissing passionately
Beautiful sunrise
Watching the clouds change shape
Hanging ten
The smell of bacon
Surprise bathing suit
The feeling of creating something I saw in my mind
Having a good “tummy hurts” laugh
The thought “What wonderful things are going to happen today?” “Who am I going to meet?!”
Catching a glimpse of bare skin on the opposite sex
The smell of french toast on Saturday morning
Eating escargot with garlic toast
Nursing a baby while it stares into your eyes
The way doves offer me personal messages
Massaging people
Putting on clothes straight from the dryer
Beautiful sunsets
Making someone smile
A hug just when you need it
Feeling connected
Being tall
Looking SMOKIN’ when you run into an ex
Flip flops
Visiting aquariums
Plumerias (sent, look)
Crop circles
Watching Jen Gallo get excited about Jesus
When Jill brings flowers
My Grandma
Sitting with Corinne anywhere
Old jazz music
Reading a book that stirs my creativity
Contact lenses!! (I can’t imagine not having)
Swing on a swing
Smell of Guava
People watching
The feeling of a rock
Knowing the lyrics of a song I love to sing
A great workout!
Knowing someone really listens when I talk
Lily’s touch
Crawling into my bed at night in fresh sheets
The sweet sounds of music
Opening gifts 😛
Going to parties!
Colorful storage containers
Visualizing things to build
A beautiful at the beach with warm water
Listening to the world wake up with the sunrise
Putting on eye shadow
Inviting someone to co-create
The hum of a bee
Being in tune with your body
A FULL refrigerator
Catching a wave on a boogie board
Old movies
High 5-ing my workout partner
Popcorn and a movie
Enjoying the different shapes and textures of plants
Letting go of attachments
Knowing there is always more than enough money
Having a CLEAN home
Creating a garden
Cool wind on a warm day
BIG rain drops
Just being myself
Singing Whitney Houston songs
Not feeling nervous even when “everyone else” does
Jumping on the bed
Dreaming, visioning, putting my desires out to the Universe
Smiles from a stranger! 🙂
Beautiful fabrics
Creating a meal not really knowing what you’re making… But it tastes great!!
Good foot through toe massage
Feeling open!!
Sharing a dream with friends
Talking in a British accent! (with Corinne)
Helping others re-balance
Using your voice
The sand between your toes
Giving money with anyone. Knowing – Awww…the surprise
The sweet smell of fragrance in the air at night
Being with family <3
Driving fast with open windows
Touching dog ears
My wonderful dog!
Deeply looking into another’s eyes and connecting
Animal pets: Hugs
Flowers all through the house
Playing with sand
Huffing Worcestershire sauce
Being pleasantly surprised
Accepting people and having them feel it
Feeling the sun
Winning races! <3
Watching the leaves of a tree moving in the wind
Colored paper clips and great pens
Exploring my partner anew
Breakfast in Hanalei with my “family”
Getting help and inspiration from the other side
Dotting your I’s with hearts <3
When people feel my love
Seeing people when I give them something I know they will love
Witnessing the growth of everyone here… And throughout the year!
Jogging for as long as I can – then walking
Discovering the thing you really wanted is on SALE!
Doing this exercise
Being open to what comes
Being in sync with someone to create something
Wearing warm socks in the cold
Thinking of new jewelry designs
Comfy chairs
Listening to Grant play guitar and sing
Walking after dinner
Having a facial, soothing, relaxing, ahhh..
Creating your dream family
Popping bubbles
I love adding to “Dream/Vision” book
A full stomach from a great meal
Watching children at play
Telling people I love them when I feel it and mean it
The flicker of a flame
Feeling excited
Picking flowers
Talking in a British accent with Jen Gallo and Benedict 🙂
New best friends
Hugging and kissing my two cats
Pretty toenails
The sound of the ocean
Swaying to unheard music
Swinging as high as you can
Flying in my dreams
Following my intuition Re: Directions and finding a new route
Accidentally biffing and someone there to watch
Noticing how I feel in my body while pleasuring my partner
Silly moments of friendship
Sleeping in a hotel
Eating the other half of someone else’s cookie <3
Eating the other half of the cookie
Having a FULL tank of gas
Time cuddling with my great niece
The smell of coffee
Creating invitations!
Swinging on a swing set
Taking walks
Help when you need it
Laying on the grass
A great view
Oranges and orange flowers
Pure receiving of sexual pleasure!
Fruit off a tree
Smooth legs
Unbridled laughter with orgasm
Experiments in cooking gone right
Being free to touch those that want touch
When he hugs me and says “I love you baby”
Touching, running, dripping water
Enjoying friends
Cats who love water
Watching Sarah Jolly whatever she is doing
Taking a long hot shower until the hot water runs out
Aloe Vera spray
Feeling good in my body
New running shoes
Laying under the stars
Talking with nonsense words
Sweet long kisses
Playful fun
Magic words!
Karen’s meditations
Delicate bottles
Making jewelry
Someone absently but lovingly touching my skin
The feel of a “just cleaned” house
The feeling you get when your idea works
Saying the same thing simultaneously with someone
Knowing I am supported
Tarot cards
Late takeoffs
Making brief eye contact with someone of the opposite sex
Weather watching
Finding what you need is on sale… yayyyy 🙂
Hearing someone say “Thank you sweetheart”
The nickering sounds from my horse upon my arrival 🙂
Hearing messages from God
Feeling my strength
Feeling weightless in water!
Accepting recognition for something I worked hard for
Dancing freely
Sitting with trees
Outdoor showers!
Improv- watching and doing
Long kisses
Reading a great book
Hearing loving laughter
Being licked by a cat
The feeling of progress
Scent of lavender
New paint brushes
Reading inspirational articles
Reading a good book (getting lost)
Hearing clearly
Watching the local dog and cat do their thing
Listening to music in a beautiful location
Wearing a new outfit
To see a horse and rider become one
Flying airplanes
Watching animals frolic
A pen that is just right
Hugs from my dad
Eating just the right amount not hungry but not full
New cute shoes
Seeing my sweetheart across the room and feeling butterflies
Feeling a soft breeze on my skin
Watching the turtles in the surf
The smell of great cologne
Lace…Just the right amount. In all the right places
Front row parking 🙂
Romantic song lyrics
Pretty pink polish
The colors ORANGE and BLUE together
Seeing Grant and Sarah laughing together
Reading 50 Shades of Grey 😉
Knowing I have LOVE in my life
Winning a game
Being understood
Doing the Cha-Cha with a great dancer
Seeing money in my $avings account
Giggling when you’re supposed to be quiet
A child’s laughter
Unconditional friendship
Buying gifts for people
I love, love, love, love
Feeling the sexual energy in the air
ME time
A parking meter that still has time on it! -Jackpot-
The feeling after a healthy workout
I love to watch people dance- Especially Gracie when she cuts loose
Styling my sisters hair and doing her makeup
Driving in the rain
CAKE nom…nom…
Good coffee at an outdoor cafe
Breeze on a hot day
The smell of rain on a sidewalk
3rd Party
Treasure hunt
Relaxing on vacation
The sound of my feet walking on cement
Loud Hip-Hop music
Grounding myself to the earth
To create a piece of jewelry that I made as a kid
Chocolate chip cookies
The Sound of Music helps me to overcome
Having sand on your feet
Having the time…
Being absolutely listened to!
Breaking the rules – Like a secret ninja bad ass!
Doing something I previously thought I couldn’t
Feeling muscles work
Nail art
Just staring at the sky
I love the way Christine is with nature
Realizing you have more time to sleep in
A kiss in the morning
People watching
Sounds of nature
Receiving an unexpected compliment
Watching a dog respond in joy with it’s trainer
Playing in water
Watching the wind blow a flag
Writing with a good pen
Reading a bedtime story to a child
Reading a good book
Thinking about animals
Purring kitty in my lap
Patterns in the sand
Feeling inspired and passionate
Watering plants
Making people laugh
Singing along with my ipod LOUDLY
Riding in a convertible with my eyes closed
A cool breeze when I am hot
Turkish baths
Cool side of a pillow
the taste of abalone
Listening to my favorite music cooking
When people connect with you
Feeling free enough to be myself
House hunters international
Feeling a kiss
Looking for the smallest shells
Peaceful quiet
Fresh baked bread
Kisses on both cheeks
Curly lines
Deep heartfelt conversations
Asking a man if he needs tampons
Expressing what I feel
Playing piano
Being okay with stating my wishes
Reading out loud
Hearing peoples love stories of how they got together 🙂
Being given/recommended a good book
Releasing bowels and gas
Waking up and it’s snowing!
My willingness to dig and look deeper
When a stray cat let’s you pet it
Coming home to a cooked meal
Beach day
Alone time… Me-Thirty
British comedy
Saving an insect from being swatted
Setting goals that make me happy
Creating with Sarah
Bear <3
Sun kissed skin/hair
Sound of rain while you sleep
Going to grab food and seeing your friend you just thought about
Personal grooming to please my partner (which in turn pleases me!)
My 1st cappuccino in the morning- Exactly the way I like it
The smell of lighting matches
Pleasant shapes
Swimming in the ocean
Attending a black/white affair
Running away from a wave
When a baby reaches out for you
Touching the life of another
Looking at good architecture
Perfectly cooked Ahi
Star gazing
Kicking butt at cribbage
Queen’s Bath
Working out
Walking with Jill and Robert to see the sunrise
This moment
Anti-itch cream
Letters in the mail
Watching pelicans glide over the water
Flinging paint!
Hawaiian music
Riding horses
Twirling my hair
Being “nudged” by Weston to continue opening
Everyone here at the retreat who joins me in growth – in pleasure, Thank you!
Strong BUTT post squat
Utilizing the capabilities of my mind, while ignoring its directives
Eating with my fingers
The excitement of nearing the end of a painting, knowing it’s complete
Saving bees from the pool
Being able to reach the top shelf without a step ladder -long arms-
Happy dog lips
Feeling knowing without attachment
Dancing (foreplay with each other)
Cute firemen
Sound of crickets at night
New shoes
Going to a chick-click by myself
Gay’s help in stock market
Telling a joke executed with the perfect timing
Naming animals
Waking up to chickens/roosters crowing
Fire crackling
Morning runs in Kauai
Naming rooms
Being myself and meeting the perfect people
Sense of community
Big yellow moon
Sugar cookies
Hugging myself
Getting compliments
Feeling like I belong
No line for the bathroom
Being successful at something I thought was going to be difficult
Reaching my goals easily and it’s fun!
Standing before a blank canvas and offering myself in gratitude, prayer and love
Closing my eyes when they are tired
Taking photographs of flowers
Feeling confident
Reading out loud
Playing with puppies
Kleenex when I need it 🙂
Saying exactly how I feel in the moment
Sticky notes everywhere
Seeing a project come together with all the guidance I’ve been given into a finished piece
Showing my paintings
Dancing while I paint
Waking up well rested
Smell of clean hair
Finding shark teeth
When your friends like your new boyfriend(/or girlfriend) as much as you do!
Standing naked in the rain
Heart to heart with my sister
Checkin’ out butts
Holding my nieces or nephews
Butterflies <3
Flossing clean
Hugging people
John Mayer’s music in the morning! 🙂
Ceiling fan gazing
Everything in it’s place
Going to a grand event in an evening gown
The awe that swells my heart. chest, body upon perceiving a beautiful moment.thing/view
Singing in the car
Knowing you’ll be the when I get home… <3
Touching OLD trees
Seeing all the boats in the harbor at Hanalei
Having no obligation to anyone
Trying new food
Feeling of speed
Colored pens
When my thoughts are not pummeling
The “god” “pantsing”
Figuring out a riddle…?
A really good, fresh, well mixed cocktail
Running my hands over my partners body
Rainy day schedules
Writing talking laughing
Quiet time
Teaching Karen to ride first
Counting money
Just stopping an argument by not talking
Finding a love note on my coffee from Starbucks <3
Laughing unexpectedly
Cream cheese frosting
Sleeping in on a rainy day
Being recognized by old acquaintances
Seeing a friendly dog and saying “hi”
Trees (being in nature!)
Holding hands
The taste of homegrown tomatoes
Channeling (hearing/doing)
Good food
Pink roses
New pretty panties from Target
Full hand and finger massage
Seeing nature’s patterns
Conversations with Jesus
Flooded streets
Swimming in the ocean
When you find the perfect thing at the store, that you didn’t know you were looking for
Reading children’s books
Cashmere bathrobe
Seeing babies laughing, exploring, observing
Her perceptive communication
Forgiveness. Forgiving myself. Ego
Hugging from my heart center
Working in the garden, talking to the plants
Talking with others
The smell of a new boyfriend
Being supported even though I’m human, imperfect
Making a candle light dinner on the grass
When people receive your help, allow your love
Feeling sexy
Christmas socks
Matching a horse rider/owner together for long term <3
Hip joint POP!
Being alive
Sunrise walks
Looking at city lights at night
Singing for an audience
Beautiful Plates
Playing with beads
Horse chests and noses
Driving so fast but still able to keep the car in a control slide
Sculpting my body- Listening and learning what my body wants and what makes it happy
Wearing a cute new outfit
Colorful art
Deciding to climb back into bed to cuddle
Counting lots and lots of $100 bills!
Breathing in unison in bed
The HOV lane when there are two of you in the car
A good hair day
Lying in the grass
Sleeping to the sound of ocean waves
Meditation music
The first sip of a beverage when you’re thirsty
Energy hugs
Telling a funny TRUE story
Foot rubs
Catching waves
Playing games without words
Knowing where I’m going
Sincerely smiling at strangers
Funny things people say
Unaccompanied piano
Sex dreams
A dip in a hot tub with a glass of wine
Looking in someone’s eyes
Red and white roses
Sand between my toes
Deepening a kiss
Drinking ice water
Waxing my surfboard
Knowing I am safe
Stargazing and giggling
Inventing something that’s never been thought of
Breaking glass
Football Sundays with the boys!
Hearing the right song at the right time
Seeing my son’s smile 🙂
Listening to Elvis
Learning about the Jews
Hitting a nail with a hammer with one blow, all the way in
Feeling clear
Feeling connected- hearing and acting upon the life
Falling in love
Making up names for different things that only you and a close friend knows
Being open mindset: Everything is EASY
Kauai Retreat
The way the sun goes into my body so that my bones feel warm
Putting on clothes that you “know” look good on you
Green- Growing up in the desert anything green is good
I love to laugh with friends
The fragrance of Hawaii… yum
The feeling of truth, vibrating through my body
Wearing perfume- I love floral fragrances
Seeing birds up close, chirping 🙂
Horse hellos
Horses, riding, touching
Running without pain
When my barista spells my name right on my coffee 🙂
Quiet before dawn
The pleasure of knowing someone loves you!
Touching, being touched
The smell of a rose
Listening to Taylor Swift
The firm handshake of sincerity
Running on the beach
Dog sitting
Using chopsticks as drumsticks
Fresh sheets
Raking my sand
Seeing my kittens after a week…love
Finding a perfectly shaped wine glass
Laughing around a campfire
Knowing I got an “A” on a test
Knowing the time before I look at the clock
Smell of a fresh clean baby
The taste of yummy food!
Singing loudly in the car
Singing an old Beatles song
Being the present
Wearing expensive jewelry
Movie snacks
To be held when I’m not certain of a choice I felt a wobbly about
Weston’s smile/laugh/boyishness
I can-I know I can-Thank you
Hearing Sarah sing!
An invitation to dinner when I really need the comfort of friends
Seeing a child in a fit of laughter
(long stem) Roses (red)
Singing “No Mountain High Enough” -Diana Ross
Watching interviews with actors I love- feeling their energy relating to them
Selling APPL at of over 700
Gracie’s music selection
Making up
Flexing and watching your muscles move
The smell of Sabrina
SUNSHINE everyday
Feeling gratitude and love
Making money
Looking forward to the best date of my life
Knowing I can hear the voice of source
Being with family and friends: breakfast, lunch, dinner- fun!
Reading funny Facebook status’s
Taking my time
Playing games
Holding infants
Talking about nothing
Feeling healthy
Desiring more
Starting my Toyota, knowing it will run flawless, again
A child you don’t know having a connection with your eyes!
Jumping horses
Using my favorite pen to write in my journal
The beauty of color
Relaxing outdoors on a sunny day!
Seeing a bird fly
The taste of honey
Drinking wine with friends
Being touched
Sitting in a tree house
Harmony with voices seems to touch my soul
Kids selling lemonade at their own stand
Seeing clearly
The pleasure of moving forward
Sunset over ocean
I love to hear my little girl sing
Day dreaming
Hearing someone say my name
Using the blow dryer to dry my whole body after a shower
Revealing BIG NEWS!
Napping with the sunshine on your face
Laying on a bench and not thinking about anything
There is a smell that comes from lilies that drives me wild
The joy of holding hands
I love to read… Romance (when it’s done well)
Laughing with my best friend
Doing charades with Karen and Wes as hosts
I love long full hair
Watching the behind the scenes on movies
Finding my own way
Watching bloopers 🙂
Christmas time
Wearing no makeup
Having a glass of wine with my boo <3
A movie with a GREAT cry-moment
Being on stage
Being stroked lightly
Knowing what decision I really want
Slow dancing
Being able to say no
Being “taken care” of 🙂
Live music
No traffic in LA
Making beautiful eye contact with the very loving cashier at the organic food store
Skinny jeans!
Sleeping in on a rainy day
Rainy day+Coffee+Pinterest
Getting a facial
I love game night
When people you didn’t expect remember your birthday
Swimming and sunning in Hanalei
Giving Christmas presents
Finding missing socks
Baking and watching the cupcakes rise
Getting my eyebrows waxed by Gracie
Waking up next to my boo <3
Shopping, talking and Starbucks run with my sis
Going to sleep under the stars and hearing the crash of the waves
Getting up whenever I feel like it!
Getting your hair and makeup done

To love is my biggest pleasure