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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that I have been gifted an extraordinary understanding.

“You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

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Automatic Writing: 5 Ways to Start Channeling

Automatic Writing is a process where you are moving a writing instrument and writing without thought. We offer Automatic Writing tips to help you find out what can come to the surface.

The Art of Collaboration

It can be hard to collaborate with others if you’ve ever experienced excessive criticism or abuse. It can feel like you need to run or attack. Both of these fight or flight options block your chance to create.

Abundant Love (Pass it Along)

Some stories are so unbelievable and shocking, they don’t need any introduction or embellishment. This is one of those stories.

The Compassionate Soul

Compassion is a funny word. I know it means -sympathetic of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it – but I’ve been wondering about my personal application of compassion.

Releasing Creativity

My body has adopted itself and it has gone to protect my creativity as a soldier would hide deeply in a bunker.

I Can See Your Beliefs

Everything about you screams what you believe. Our beliefs are constructed from the root up. Perhaps, you’ve been too busy broadcasting your own beliefs to realize that you’re not listening to others. It’s normal but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Are You Being Distracted?

Nothing can keep you from being focused. It is only our lack of attention which keeps us distracted. Many of us have been distracted for years and distraction in itself can become a pastime.

When Your Best Friend Dies

I would do anything to save my best friend. It happened on my watch. I knew it would. I didn’t want to get it wrong, as I knew it might truly save my best friend’s life.

How to Use a Mirror Without Losing Yourself

Recognizing myself in the mirror should be simple, but it was not. I didn’t like what I saw. It wasn’t as I had imagined, and that was the problem. I didn’t hate what I saw, I just didn’t like it.

The Art of Giving

I thought giving meant losing something proportionate to what I gave. How could I learn to give without becoming poorer in the process?

Nature of the Beast

There is a truth that every person struggles to see. In simple terms, it is his or her own self. This isn’t to say that any person isn’t capacitated to see him or herself; it means that they choose not too. Instead, like a fantasy, fabricated by, but not found in the actual mind, is a concept of self I call the Shell.

Hang Up

When I was very young, I was instructed to pick up the family telephone in the fewest rings possible while answering it in a very directed manner. While I was taught to be very polite and courteous, it was heavily emphasized that I should not give out any personal or family information to any caller I didn’t know.

Welcome To The Future

Seeing the future continues to be appreciated as one of the most valued of all gifts.

The Nature of Your Mind

The residents of Biosphere 2 had enormous challenges in working together and getting along. The issues became so severe that it could be described as the world’s first reality TV show. I figure I’ve been getting along probably to the same poor extent as the first residents found, and I am going to change that.

Seeing The Invisible World

The invisible world is filled with split-second moments that happen so fast that our brain, for many reasons, misses. We tend to see whatever you’ve seen before, and miss what’s actually happening now.

Going the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is not confined to sports. In becoming enlightened, you must be willing to break apart what isn’t real to understand the truth of what you can do.

The Art of Deliberate Practice

How to achieve a skill set until it becomes second nature? Train by breaking down an individual job into smaller and smaller parts, then rehearse out of order to master each part. Here’s how to practice a skill set until it becomes second nature.