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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that I have been gifted an extraordinary understanding.

“You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

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Your thoughts of inspiration matter. SELF AWARENESS will change your life.

What Is Your Reality?

Integrating your reality is as simple as remembering your dreams then following your dreams. Reintroducing this reality is why you are here.

I Cried Today Letting My Son Go

When is the right time to let your children go? It was such a short time ago that it all began and I still wonder what my part was or if my presence was of any real value.

Are We Really Alone?

Do you often feel separate, even while physically existing with friends, co-workers, and intimate partners? Often we crawl into a private space of being alone to create an awareness of what we are not.

The Face Of A Clown

Happiness isn’t something outside of you. The keys are within. Letting go of the facade is the key to being really happy.

Are Flying Dreams REAL?

Have you ever had flying dreams? Dreams are more important than you realize. Finding the meaning of your dreams could create life changing opportunities.

Truth of Child Abuse -Fictional Story

I don’t understand. Mom tells me to watch out for boys but I don’t know what to look for. My step dad is nice except when Mom’s not around. My real Dad is busy so I don’t bother him. Isn’t anyone interested in me?

I’m Not Afraid

The eternal message that life is hard and the importance of conveying feelings of fear to the next generation was perfectly captured in a movie I went to see with my son.

Soul Exchanges

When you stare into the soul of another, what do you see? Energy can leap forward and create an immediate remembrance, with feelings that are unexplainable. And you find that you want to ask the question, “Do I know you?”

Lovingly Children Can Say The Darndest Things

As they headed for safety from a looming storm, a son asked his mother,  “Why do we have to run?” But her reason, “Because it’s our nature to run” did not satisfy the youngster. He wanted, and needed more.

A Beautiful Life

Never taught that it was okay to love herself, Suzy never knew that self love is not considered a selfish. Despite being beautiful, rich, and very successful, she masked her true self to the breaking point.

Divine Timing

Divine timing is another way in which the Universe provides us clues to search, find or remember what we are doing here. How would your life change if you had insight to the synchronicity of the Universe?

We Know That One

The mercy a mother had been praying for, after the loss of her son, came from an unexpected group of children. At her son’s grave site, she first she viewed them as an annoyance disrupting her serenity. But they knew more about love than she could ever have imagined.

Shattered Dreams

I drove my new sports car less than five miles and now it was ruined. Not just broken, but shattered. I couldn’t believe it because I wasn’t behaving recklessly or doing anything wrong. Feelings of uncertainty over owning at all has now become the icon for freedom to live and pursue my dreams.

Does Anger Really Motivate?

Do you use anger as means to inspire or motivate yourself to top performance? Odds are great you’ve given it a try. But anger as a motivational tool is grossly overrated in terms of its effectiveness.

You Are One Of A Kind

You are not a copy or a clone. You are significant in your creation. It would seem easier for nature to create duplicates, but instead you are distinctly you.

Understanding Genius

We think of genius as an exceptional intellectual aptitude, but what if you’re not born a genius or nor taught to be exceptional? What if true genius something more?

I’m Not Even Sure I Believe In Relationships…

Are you afraid of losing yourself if commit to a relationship? It seems to happen everywhere you look. Once a friend becomes part of a couple, you see the change. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you decide to be yourself all the time.

Lessons From A Blind Man

Step forward with poise, like the blind man I met in my youth. He taught me that our perceptions can allow one to walk with confidence, despite not seeing the path ahead. As he went forward with personal awareness, and so can we.

Seeing The Light

Are you afraid of that which you can not explain? The physical oneness and unification of all spirit is something that many have begun to take seriously. You can accept this love and assistance, if you allow it to appear.