Finding True Love in Your Relationships

Many find that the word love or its feelings are as uncomfortable as weathering a storm.

There is infinite beauty in your understanding of the Divine love that is perfectly yours. There is nothing that is required for you to do to reclaim it. While it remains interesting the many rules that are created in an effort to create aspects of love there are no such constraints. There is so much for you to remember in this truth. Read slowly and feel the very essence of what is being shared.

Your paradigms of love are most interesting. There are some that have determined to believe and endorse that true love is like an endurance contest. We understand and respect those who have chosen this path. But may we ask are you happy? Some in defense of what they have chosen will answer” Yes” while yet another will answer “No” and yet feel compelled to remain entrapped. The feelings of uneasiness that have brought you here are so wonderfully constructed. Allow yourself to step into the freedom that is so perfectly yours. There is such truth in your remembrance of love and all its powers.

how do you Find Love?

Your path in coming to love has been long and arduous. Most of you find that the word love or its feelings to be as uncomfortable as weathering a storm. As one who would endure the elements of the perceived changes in weather filled with many ups and downs. While we understand those who have chosen these means as a way of bringing forth understanding it is unnecessary that you continue in old patterns or cycles of the past. There is so much for you to remember. The pain that many have come to associate with love is also most interesting to us. The necessity to create association of this kind is not encouraged unless this remains your choice.

So many are striving to understand what you have created in the intimate relationships that surround you. Good, we are most pleased in your choice to accept that which you have chosen in an effort to understand and once again be illuminated in truth. There is so much for you to remember.

Do you not remember the beauty of the vibrations that once filled your soul? Is it not us that continues to fill you in your desperate cry for help? We are there. You do not need to think that you are separate any more. Come rejoin that which is Divinely you. There needs to be no more associated control in the return and acceptance of that which is perfectly you. There is no need to perform duties or obligations that are outside of the true self. We appreciate all those who have chosen these paths historically but it is now time to be free in the truth and the power of love.

These choices to become and return to the freedom that are so perfectly yours are right before you in the very words that you find your mind perceiving as you read this. We are so pleased for your choice to be and to exist in that which is you… truly you. There is so much for you to remember.

Will you not remember the feeling of ecstasy that is yours to have beyond the bounds of what you would refer to as sexual intimacy? Are you to be limited or trapped to these feelings in the physical dimension? We think not. There is no truth in that you must be limited to love in the dimension and acts of love. We are not displeased for those who choose to remember in this way but we are in no means limited in any way of the love that is so perfectly yours. Step forth and once again feel the very nature of all that you are.

Many of you have determined to limit and to control love as a means of protecting yourself from repeating experience’s that you have determined to view and or to judge as “bad.” We accept this as your choice yet you do not need to be limited to anything beyond your choice(s) to do so. There is so much for you to remember. Feel the beauty that is deeply within. Or will you deny the very essence of who you are? These answers are yours. You do not need to feel limited or constrained any longer.

Accept Love in your life

Exist in the moment and feel the very essence of love and the significance of all that there is to experience. In your choice to feel and accept love you are integrating that which is Divinely you into the oneness that is so perfectly you/us. Your acceptance of the oneness is the very genesis in returning to the Divine self. You do not need to remain separate any longer. Separate from your feelings that you will again get hurt to express your true feelings. Separate from your desire to be touched and intimately caressed in truth instead of being rubbed. Separate from your need to be cuddled and known for the beauty that represents you. You do not need to separate in physical manifestation of loneliness through numbness and chosen unhappiness. We find it most interesting that those of you who have participated in creating the families that you call your own that you need to be falsely constrained to the perception that you need to “hold everything together” in an effort to give the little ones (children) something that you did not illusionarily receive. Do you not understand that which is being chosen? Do you think the little ones are fools or are oblivious to the many distractions that bombard them as if to remain unaware of those things that they feel within your home?

We encourage you to stop the pretense and accept that which has been chosen. We bring this to your illumination in truth such that you do not need to participate in the continuation of cycles that continue to bring you stagnation, unhappiness, and feelings of separation. There is no need to pretend in vain to protect the little ones that you think are so innocent. Be you and accept all that is yours and they are sure to follow in their respective choices. It is unimportant to judge those experience?s that have been created in an effort for you to understand love. Some of you have strayed from your commitments, vows and agreement?s in an effort to feel —to again become one again. There is no judgement for any of your choice(s) and experiments and we do so encourage your following true feelings of the heart.

You do not need to live in judgement of one another and most especially yourselves of those things that you feel that you have or haven’t done. There is so much for you to remember in the truth of that which is most powerfully yours… love.

Will you step forth and be free in love? Does love that you create have to be filled with consequences and decisions as to what “should or should not be?” We ask you to address this question without haste. There is no need to pretend that love is somehow outside your embodied being as if you need to continue searching and looking for something outside of yourself. For in your choice(s) to exist in truth and the remembrance of the Divine will you not find the many reflections of Divine love in the many associations and relationships that surround you… Only you can answer. These answers are within. Do not be afraid to accept the truth and exist in the framework and the embodiment of love that so perfectly represents you.

Accept that which is currently all around you and do so in understanding of what you have chosen in an effort to appreciate that which does not represent the Divine you. In this choice you will find what you have been searching for. There are no requirements for love beyond the intended suggestion that you return to the most beautiful aspect of who you really are. In this choice you will find that you are filled abundantly with love and its power in many directions that go beyond this dimension to properly explain. Your choice to live in truth, no longer finding it necessary to accommodate, is a beautiful and Divine choice of expression.

Is there something to lose in being you? This is a most commonly asked question and we are pleased to address it. The answer is “No.” There are no risks in being. How can this be you may ask? For some of you continue to associate feelings of the past as a means to protect yourself in going forward. If these choices were followed directly and rationally would not this path take you to a place of abandonment and complete separation? The answer is “Yes.” You do not need to be limited to the misconceptions of feelings that have been judged to be painful or hurtful. For are you truly vulnerable? Will you not live in spite of your choice to age in the linear growth that is accepted in your coming to this medium? You do not need to fall prey to the trap that the shell (or ego) manifests in an effort to keep you separate.

In your choice to return to the truth you will find all that you have ever desired. The music will again begin to play and the feelings that have been dormant for so long will again become active in your choice to feel and live. Your choice to exist in love and life is greatly encouraged. While we are not at odds for those who desire and wish to remain separate, come forth and exercise your greatest choice to again reclaim the power of your love. There is nothing to do. You are Divinely accepted in any form, shape, consequence, or experience that you have currently or historically created.

Love is your choice

Your choice “to be” is greatly accepted. You are doing well to remember that which is divinely you. There is so much for you to remember in your regaining your truth. Step forth and be. There is no greater choice than to exist in truth as you really are. In this choice you find all the love that is so perfectly yours.

You will not be alone, as your shell, would dictate. For are you not alone now in your choice to pretend and accommodate? Again, only you can answer these questions in truth. You are invited to stand and be at one with all. In this choice you will find that there are many who are sincerely interested in returning to the oneness and truth that so beautifully represents the Divine.

Will you not accept that which has been chosen without judgement? There is no need to ponder in regret of those things that have been chosen. These experiences do not need to be measured or analyzed as means of gaining truth and understanding. You are doing so well. Allow yourself the gift of love and all that is naturally a part of its Divine power.

Will you not heal in love? The answer is “Yes”, but it must be your choice. The power of love to heal is unlimited. You do not need to exist in any aspect of pain or hardship any longer. Your choice to accept love is greatly encouraged. In this choice you will find the strength of the body and the inner self to return in full. Do you not think that these miracles are available to you? Do they not present themselves in the form of unconditional love? The answer is “Yes.” There is much for you to feel and remember specific to this truth. Accept the beauty that so represents you and you fill find the strength that is yours in the power of love.